TaylorMade's Speed Police are on patrol

Speed Police
Photo courtesy TaylorMade Golf YouTube channel
Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, Dustin Johnson and Jason Day appear as Speed Police - sort of.
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 | 4:44 p.m.

Imagine stepping up to the tee box, getting ready to hit, when suddenly you're tackled by Justin Rose. Or Sergio Garcia. Or Jason Day. Or Dustin Johnson. Or more accurately, a puppet of one of them.

Yes, I said puppet.

TaylorMade's new "Speed Police" characters, using the likeness of some of their most high profile ambassadors (complete with four different accents!), are out in force (according to their new ad) looking for golfers who are using "outdated" clubs. Of course, the golfers - er, the police - I mean, the puppets - will claim that any club that's not using TaylorMade's Jet Speed clubs are "outdated." You can watch it here.


The ad is clever and fun. Even more, it's part of a growing trend in golf marketing using fun imagery and dialogue to stand out in the always hyper-competitive sphere of golf equipment. From Nike's "No Cup is Safe" and "Sorry Mr. Tiger" ads to Callaway's "Phil's outtakes for Big Bertha" and all up and down the spectrum, the need to entertain as much inform seems to be the way to get golfers talking.

Of course, the club companies all readily acknowledge that the bottom line is still the clubs and their performance. They all believe in their products and well, they should. I haven't seen a "bad" product in a long, long time. But via social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), the ability to spread the message is easier and more vital than ever before. It's a big win for all of golf that the industry has embraced this with the enthusiasm and creativity that they have.