Tiger hurt by real estate downturn, too

Tiger Woods
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Tiger Woods is one property lighter after selling a condo in California.

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Published: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 | 1:16 a.m.

Tiger Woods might still be the world’s best-paid golfer, but even he isn’t immune to the pain that the real estate market can dish out.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Woods landed in the rough with his recent sale of a condo in Corona del Mar, Calif., he bought before the housing downturn. Woods bought the place in 2004 for $3 million, but unloaded it for $2,213,875.

The townhouse-style unit contains about 2,000 square feet and boasts an open living room on its second story to take advantage of views of Santa Catalina Island, the paper said. The condo had three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a loft and a balcony.

There was no indication of how much time Woods spent in the unit. His primary residence these days is a mansion on Jupiter Island, Fla., that he bought with a $54.5 million mortgage in 2010.




Its unfortunate there are such ignorant people out there that bash on athletes about their personal life. What they do on the field, course, court, wherever they play is what they should be judged by not what they do in their personal life, they are all still human just like you and me. Chris before you start critisizing how Tiger lives his life take a step back.... Have you ever done anything wrong that other might have look down on you for?... the answer to that question is yes, so before you go and judge someone make sure you have grounds to even say anything at all. And let me just add in 2011 Tiger never won an official pga tournament but this year he has won 3 times so if thats the way karma works I guess shes not that mean afterall!


well Chris you obviously don't like Tiger Woods. In my opinion Tiger is the most exciting player there ever was. People sit and watch when Tiger is playing . The tv ratings go way up when Tiger plays on the weekend.


With the money that Tiger has what the heck does he care if he lost $700,000plus. He lost money so for the rich that makes it a write off. Better than paying capital gains taxes. Nobody in their right mind feels sorry for Tiger. He is reaping what he sowed with all of his hoes. The universe knows what is right and what is wrong. The universe takes care of those who are bad and rewards those who are good. It is just so nice to see the other young guns winning and just smoking Tiger's keister in every contest. Tiger said, "Enjoy it." regarding Rory's winning ways and Rory IS enjoying it and Rory will continue to enjoy breaking even Tiger's records. Already the youngest to win a second major who knows what Rory is capable of. The new saying is A.B.T. (Anybody but Tiger.) LOL