TV's Craig Ferguson is golf's latest convert

Craig Ferguson
Courtesy of CBS
Craig Ferguson took up golf three or four months ago, and now says he loves it.

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 | 2:10 a.m.

Craig Ferguson, the host of the ''The Late Late Show'' on CBS, is Scottish – as he never lets anyone forget, ever. And Scotland, as we all know, is the home of golf. Somehow, though, Ferguson never got the golf bug – until now.

Ferguson revealed that he's recently taken up the game during an interview with guest Julie Andrews on Monday night. Out of the blue, he asked ''The Sound of Music'' star if she played golf.

No, she said, explaining that her stepfather was a left-handed scratch player. But, she noted, her mother was a golf widow, so golf never appealed to her that much.

To that, Ferguson replied that he was hooked. ''It's like crack,'' he said.

The appeal of golf, Ferguson joked, is that ''it's all walking around in odd outfits.''

“Do you wear knickerbockers and things like that?,'' Andrews asked him. ''The big socks?''

''Yes, sometimes -- and even when I play golf sometimes,'' Ferguson joked. ''And a nice hat. I have to distract you from how I'm playing the game.''

Andrews asked if she'd ever see Ferguson playing ''in some of the big golf tournaments.''

''Yes,'' Ferguson said, ''I'm gonna try to get good enough so that I can be in those pro-am things, with all these show business hacks.''

''I can’t wait to see it,'' Andrew said.

''Oh,'' Ferguson replied, ''it'll be dreadful.''

I'm not sure anyone at USGA or PGA of America headquarters would appreciate Ferguson's comparison of golf to crack. And I suspect not many of the celebrities who played in the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-am last week would appreciate him referring to them as ''show business hacks.''

But his enthusiasm seemed quite genuine. And in fact, he brought golf up again with his next guest, ''Hawaii Five-0'' star Grace Park. Park joked that she didn't play because there already was a golfer named Grace Park, so she couldn't.

Hey Grace – TV Grace, that is – we have some good news for you. Your LPGA Tour doppelganger retired from competition last summer, so you're free to take up the game after all. So call your local PGA Professional, get a few lessons, and soon you and Ferguson both can play in those pro-am things like all those other showbiz hacks.