U.S. Olympic hero T.J. Oshie's golf swing featured on 'The Golf Fix'

T.J. Oshie
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T.J. Oshie's game-winning goal in a 3-2 shootout victory over Russia on Saturday.
By T.J. Auclair
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Published: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 | 11:20 a.m.

T.J. Oshie became a household name on Saturday, proving to be the Olympic hockey hero for the United States in a scintillating 3-2 shootout victory over Russia in Sochi during the preliminary round of the Winter Games.

Oshie successfully scored four times in six tries during the shootout win.

As if those goals didn't do enough to endear Oshie to U.S. fans after the game, how about this answer Oshie gave after being asked what it's like to be an America hero?

"The real American heroes are wearing camo," Oshie told reporters. "That's not me."

Great stuff.

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Aside from being an outstanding centerman for the St. Louis Blues in the NHL, the 27-year-old Oshie is also a fan of golf -- and quite the player. So much so, that on February 3, Oshie -- a 2-handicap -- sent the following tweet to 2012 PGA National Teacher of the Year, Michael Breed, host of Golf Channel's "The Golf Fix":

"@MichaelBreed you can come over and work on my golf swing? It's already shaped by past @TheGolfFix episodes. #SB48 #12s" — TJ Oshie (@OSH74) February 3, 2014

Well, on last night's episode of "The Golf Fix," Breed showed viewers what Oshie does on the ice that translates to the golf course and also broke down Oshie's golf swing.

Here's video from last night's segment:



Oshie has been playing golf since he was 6 years old. According to a press release from Golf Channel, Breed will officially invite Oshie to Golf Channel's Orlando studios for an in-studio lesson on an upcoming The Golf Fix episode.

Until then, Oshie and his U.S. teammates still have a lot to play for in Sochi. Next up is a quarterfinal game on Wednesday at noon EST.

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