When '1' isn't good enough!

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 | 12:48 a.m.


One of the greatest things about golf is that there are always great stories to be shared - and strangely, most of them very true.  A friend of mine , the PGA Director of Golf at Mystery Valley Golf Club, recently sent me this nugget about an incident that happened a few weeks ago at his course near Atlanta.  Just awesome. 
One would think that if you are lucky enough to make a "Hole-in-one" in a round when playing with a bunch of fellow players, that you just made the ultimate "skin" on a hole, and the proceeds from this momentous event will help off-set the "bar tab" that you will encounter buying everyone a round of drinks at the end of play.  Such thoughts could be said of Tommy Norwood, when on October 31st, on the 2nd hole at Mystery Valley Golf Club, while playing in their weekly Wednesday game, hit his 7-iron shot from 120 yards, into the hole on the 2nd hole.  However those thoughts were "short lived" when his fellow playing partner, Robert Vanderboom, duplicated his feat with the same club, a 7 iron, on the very next swing.  Can you imagine that!  What are the odds?   Well, I don't know it exactly, but I have heard that it is somewhere in the neighborhood of 170,000,000 to 1.  Now, because this happened on the 2nd hole, this duo had the remainder of their round, only to contemplate their expenses for this unusual event when they run their "bar tab" for all their friends and fellow competitors.    
Don't know about you guys - but if I ever made an ace on the 2nd hole of my round - I'd have a hard time putting up any kind of score that day.  And if someone topped my ace with one of their own?  I'd call all bets "off" for that day since it was obvious God wanted me to win no money on this given round.