Who's Your Caddie at the Masters Par 3 Tournament?

Who's Your Caddie?
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Aaron Baddeley gets some help from his caddie(s) during the 2012 Masters Par 3 Tourney.
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Thursday, April 04, 2013 | 2:47 p.m.


Golf, unlike most sports, provides players the opportunity to do things exactly like the best professionals in the world. We play the same clubs, wear the same clothes and best of all, can play the same courses (in many cases).  And even more, from time to time, we can play the same shots.  If you sink a 20 foot birdie putt, you can rest assured you just performed at a level that can only be matched by the best. (Yes I've heard of eagles from the fairway but just providing some context here.)
Anyways, I've never had a desire to tee it up against the Tour pros in an official event. Not sure my 8 (and rising) handicap would do anything but embarass myself and the Tour as I hoped to break 90 on the long and probably difficult test. 
But you know where I could "compete"? -the par 3 course at Augusta. Not necessarily compete to win, but compete as in...not shoot +12.  I'm pretty certain on a nine-hole course where the longest hole is listed at 140 yards and the shortest is 70, I could come in within a shot or two either way of level par.
But this leads to one of my all time favorite golf discussions. If I were invited to play the Par 3 Tourney during Masters Week, my concern wouldn't be my score - it'd be...who'd be my caddie?  (Yes, it's a ridiculous hypothetical - but that's what I do)
Thought 1) My wife. She'd kill me if she wasn't selected. She'd love it because it's Augusta and very pretty and all that - but maybe she says "no."  It's hot, it's a long walk with a (limited) bag of clubs, maybe it's raining or she's got work stuff going on...then we go to 
Thought 2) A great golf friend.  There are no better golf experiences than the ones you enjoy with your best golf pal.  But I wonder if this causes a natural shift in the friend dynamic.  I'm the player, you're the caddie - even you usually wax me by 5 shots every round.  Maybe...
Thought 3) Some celebrity.  Pretty much anyone will jump at the chance to be inside the ropes at the Masters.  I've seen NBA stars and hollywood actors wearing the famous white jumpsuits while caddying for way lesser known golfers.  I'm going to go with Kate Upton as my first call 
Thought 4) Cute kids.  I don't have kids but that's a sure way to get the patrons on your side...to see the youngsters, barely as tall as the clubs they are carrying, in those tiny caddie outfits helping a golfer select their club.  Again, I don't have kids so I'd have to borrow one.  
Obviously, I've given this too much thought.  But what about you?  Think about it a moment and get back to me.
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