Being Thankful

Being Thankful
The PGA of America
Spending time with family on the golf course is just one of the things that we are thankful for this year.
John Kim, Coordinating Producer

Series: News Feature

Published: Thursday, November 24, 2011 | 2:21 a.m.

In this season of "giving thanks", few people or groups have more to be thankful for than your friends at And though we know it everyday, sometimes it's good for us to say it and for you to hear (read) it. Because no one here takes our mission or our opportunities lightly; ever. So if you'll indulge us for a brief moment, we'd like to offer a few pronouncements of public gratitude for you, for this great game and for everyone who makes golf the most amazing sport to watch, learn and play.

We are thankful for every moment that we, collectively, get to spend on a golf course. The fun, the challenge, the fresh air, everything about it.

We are thankful for the friends and family that accompany us and make time on the golf course some of the most special found anywhere.

We are thankful for great golfers: Past and present, they continue to inspire us, teach us and amaze us.

We are thankful for the majors: Charl Schwartzel's birdie-birdie-birdie-birdie finish at The Masters, Rory McIlroy's amazing runaway win at the U.S. Open, Darren Clarke's inspirational and touching win at The Open Championship and of course, Keegan Bradley's awesome comeback at The PGA Championship. Everytime a major is played, we love golf a little more.

We are thankful for golf courses: No real estate is more beautiful than a golf course. From oceanside tracks with huge cliffs and blue waters, to the 9-hole muni that has no bunkers or trees. Any - and every - golf course is a work of art in our eyes.

We are thankful for great golf clubs: The technology available today that makes the game more enjoyable for so many has brought so many golfers into the game - and kept them in the game. Skill and talent will always define the best, but for the rest of us, the help that today's equipment provides is invaluable.

We are thankful that golf does not have lockouts.

We are thankful for golf firsts: Your first hole in one is amazing, your first time breaking par you'll remember forever. But the smile from seeing a beginner get a ball in the air for the first time, or to see a player sink their first putt for par are some of the greatest sights in all of sports.

We are thankful for 27,000 men and women PGA professionals who teach, promote, guard and grow golf. Without them, golf as we know it would not be possible.

We are thankful for the leaders of golf; officers, executive and officials in the industry. They work harder than most of us will ever know to make sure this great game remains the vital sport, business and lifestyle we all love so much.

We are thankful that 2012 is a Ryder Cup year.

We are thankful to live in a nation that loves and cherishes golf. To have men and women in our armed forces all over the world securing the liberties that we enjoy. And we are grateful that golf can provide a great opportunity to assist, honor and show appreciation to them.

We are thankful that golf provides over $3.5 billion to great charities each year.

We are thankful for the tens of thousands that follow, like and engage with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We are also thankful for the great questions, thoughts and awesome laughs you provide.

We are thankful for the emails and feedback you provide. Sometimes you are pleased, sometimes you are not - but your feedback is an important way for us to learn how to serve you and your golf game better.

And most of all, we are thankful for YOU. Whether it's LIVE Video from the PGA Championship or Ryder Cup, or a great bunker tip from our Instruction library, or the latest news from the week's current tournaments or any of the dozens of other news, resources and products we have available on the site; our aim never changes. We want to provide the most important golfers in the world all they need to enjoy the game a little bit more everyday. You guys make this website worthwhile and even fun. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

And on behalf of everyone at The PGA of America and, we wish you and yours a safe, blessed and Happiest of Thanksgivings. 



Thank you for your great reporting and keeping us amused when we are off the course.