Scott sets long putter aside, practices with shorter putter at Australian Open

Adam Scott at the Australian Open
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Adam Scott practiced his putting Tuesday at the Australian Open using a claw grip with his bottom hand but keeping his top hand separated.
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Published: Tuesday, December 04, 2012 | 1:51 p.m.

SYDNEY, Australia -- Adam Scott already appears to be planning for life without his broomstick putter, having seemingly discarded it ahead of this week's Emirates Australian Open.

Golf authorities announced last week a proposed rule to ban any form of 'anchored' putting stroke starting in 2016, although 'long-handled' and 'belly' putters themselves would not be outlawed.

However, the news looks to have prompted Scott into making a rapid change of equipment, with the 32-year-old turning up for this week's tournament at The Lakes Golf Course without the broomstick that he has been using for the past 18 months.

Scott was first spotted on the practice green using a traditional short putter with a slightly extended shaft and he then took that club out on to course and used it during his practice round.

The Queenslander employed a claw-style grip with his bottom hand, with his other hand slightly separated toward the top of the grip in order to produce a technique similar to the one he employed with the broomstick.

However, there was a clear gap between the end of the putter and his body, meaning the stroke would be lawful under the proposed guidelines.

Scott had previously stated that he would continue to use his long putter next year after having notable success with it since switching, but now appears to have changed his mind. He hasn’t yet addressed the media at The Lakes, and there is no indication as to whether he will use this shorter putter during the tournament itself.