Bethune-Cookman men extend lead, while women tied with Chicago State

Justin Watkins at the PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship
Montana Pritchard/The PGA of America
Justin Watkins of the University of Central Oklahoma leads the Men's Individual Invitational after 36 holes with rounds of 76 and 69.
Randy Stutzman
The PGA of America

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Published: Saturday, May 10, 2014 | 7:56 p.m.

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. – Bethune-Cookman University extended its lead in the Division I Men's competition on Saturday, while Chicago State University and Bethune-Cookman are tied in the women’s division heading into the final round of the 28th PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship.

The 2014 edition of the Championship features nearly 200 players representing more than 40 colleges and universities. The 54-hole Championship concludes on Sunday.


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The Bethune-Cookman women's team, which trailed Chicago State by 12 strokes heading into the second round, improved its team total by 26 strokes to put themselves in position for a third consecutive title in the Championship.

The team was led in the second round by junior Andrea Orozco, who followed up an 81 in the opening round with a 2-under-par 70 in round two.

“We want to repeat as champions again and we were making it happen playing as well as we did today,” said Orozco. “We are set to win tomorrow and will try to go as low as possible as a team.”

But Bethune-Cookman will have to hold off a Chicago State team looking for its first title in school history.

“It’s going to be close tomorrow, that’s for sure,” said Chicago State senior Brooke Melvin, who shot a second-round 74. “But we just have to go out and play our game and the golf course in front of us. Hopefully we can finish strong.”

In the Division I Men’s competition, Bethune-Cookman extended its lead to three strokes over Alabama State University. 

Both Bethune-Cookman, which finished with a two-day total of 595, and Alabama State will be competing in NCAA regionals next week.

“The men’s team came out a little stagnant yesterday,” said PGA Professional Scooter Clark, the head men’s and women’s coach at Bethune-Cookman University. “We practiced really hard following yesterday’s round and the team really improved today.”

Savannah State University in Georgia was boosted by a sparking 5-under-par 67 by Travis Roe and sits third place overall, eight shots off the pace. Poe’s 18-hole score was the lowest of the Championship thus far.

In Division II, Lincoln University from Jefferson City, Mo., extended its lead over Texas A&M International University to four strokes heading into the final round on Sunday.

Lincoln University was led by senior Brian Lillevold, who used a second-round 74 for an even-par 144 total.

California State University–Dominguez Hills is third, 24 strokes back of Lincoln University.

“I started off well again today and played really well on the front,” said Lillevold. “My putter went a bit cold on the back, but I had a pretty good round overall. The team is looking forward to the final round tomorrow.”

In the Men's Individual Invitational, 2012 Champion Justin Watkins from the University of Central Oklahoma shot a second-round 69 for a 145 total and a three-stroke lead over defending champion Robert Grant of Alabama State University.

First-round leader Dominique Worthen of LeMoyne-Owen College is third, five strokes back of Watkins.

“I limited my mistakes today and had six birdies, which helped a bunch,” said Watkins. “I’m having a lot of fun this week and no matter what happens, I’m going to have fun tomorrow. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself.”

In the Women's Individual Invitational, Cheryl Chua of South Carolina State leads Tiana Jones of South Carolina State University by two strokes. Chua followed up an opening-round 72 with an 80 in round two.

In the Men’s NAIA Division, the University of Houston-Victoria continues to lead over Edward Waters College of Jacksonville, Fla. Houston-Victoria improved its team total by 17 strokes in the second round to extend its lead heading into the final round.

The PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship, which originated in November 1986 following the Jackson State University Golf Tournament, has elevated golf in minority colleges and universities by providing opportunities to more players to compete in a national championship.

In 2006, the PGA of America was granted complete ownership and management of the championship by the National Minority Collegiate Golf Scholarship Fund.

Second-Round Scores:

Men’s Team Division I
1. Bethune-Cookman University 595
Rafael Abad 73-74--147
Matthew McKnight 69-81--150 
Leon Fricker 79-72--151
Emmanuel Petrich 78-74--152
Ryan Fricker 78-77--155
2. Alabama State University 598
Francis Berthiaume 77-72--149
Yann Pfieffer 74-78--152
Ian Mmbando 75-77--152
Branson Ferrier 82-71--153 
Jose Rodriguez 74-84--158
3. Savannah State University 603
Travis Roe 73-67--140
Brandon Neals 72-79--151
Scott Rogers 75-80--155
T.J. Podner 85-76--161
Caleb Simons 81-82--163
4. Florida A&M University 605
Dominick Vennari 77-69--146
Kevin Parker 77-73--150
Justin Stills 79-75--154
Anthony Phipps 77-78--155
Cody Sapp 83-83--166
5. Chicago State University 630
Dan Patkunas 75-72--147
David Keenan 81-76--157
Drew Vannoy 81-82--163
Miles Bailey 84-80--164
Keith Haines 83-88--171
6. University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff 636
Nqobani Ernest Ndabambi 73-72--145
Jeff Chitando 74-80--154
Matthew Dismuke 84-83--167
Elliott Rollins, Jr. 85-85--170
Joseph Franklin 86-108--194
7. Texas Southern University 644
Connor Mathers 78-76--154
William Wells 79-80--159
Josiah Brown 81-82--163
Jarett Croff 81-88--169
Luis Colon-Gonzales 88-87--175
8. North Carolina Central 652
Glendon Mabe 82-76--158
Michael Wilson 81-77--158
Garreth Carpenter 83-84--167
Justin (J.T.) Thomas 88-81--169
9. University of Maryland Eastern Shore 655
Michael Veverka 75-76--151
Kuen Park 80-85--165
Paul Cecil 81-88--169
Norman Blanco 84-86--170
Christopher Toney 86-97--183
10. Hampton University 663
Kenny Gaither 78-80--158
Dawson Hobbs 84-84--168
T.J. O'Neal 84-86--170
Arthur Davis 85-90--175
Jevon Bell 95-82--177
11. Prairie View University 718
Jason Hudson 80-86--166; 
Rodolfo Muniz 86-83--169
Vlryn Veal 97-94--191
Jonathan Dupard 94-98--192
Spencer Anderson 113-106--219
Women’s Team Division
T1. Bethune-Cookman University 616 
Patrizia Trevisan 79-71--150
Andrea Orozco 81-70--151
Marie Bergelin 80-78--158
Jennifer Hide 84-76--160
Alice Plumb 81-86--167
T1. Chicago State University 616
Brooke Melvin 76-74--150
Fernanda Valdes Solis 77-75--152
Jessica Peatross 77-76--153
Casey MacNeil 79-82--161
Lorelle Weavers 85-83--168
3. University of Houston-Victoria 632
Heather Shake 74-74--148
Haley Harris 80-80--160
Becky Benchot 78-83--161
Brooke Brasseaux 86-77--163
Caitlin Swisher 87-87--174
4. Delaware State University 654
Mengxuan Gai 80-80--160
Suchada Anusuriya 82-79--161
Brooke Foster 82-83--165
Elaine Aisha Peete 87-81--168
5. Texas A&M International University 682
Begona Aranguren 80-78--158
Sasha Linauskas 87-84--171
Yesenia Ramirez 87-92--179 
Narda Garcia 101-87--188
Abigail Palacios 87-NC
6. Texas Southern University 684
Adriana Trevino 81-83--164
Jalyn Kuykendall 88-83--171
Briana Trevino 85-90--175
Carmen Gonzales 83-94--177
Angela Rafac 98-91--189
7. Hampton University 688
Britney Smith 79-80--159
Mikea Granberry 87-81--168
Crystal Smitherman 90-84--174
Milan James 99-88--187
8. Lincoln University 721
Payton Schooler 79-76--155
Sophia Pardalos 81-92--173
Mackenzie Wilson 88-97--185
Lauren McHenry 104-104--208
Men’s Team Division II
1. Lincoln University 587
Brian Lillevold 70-74--144
Nick Goeke 74-71--145
Steven Mallow 71-75--146
Blake Lammers 76-76--152
Austin Wheeler 79-87--166
2. Texas A&M International University 591
Juan Ruben Gonzalez 71-74--145 
Gary Natal 74-73--147
Andres Aranguren 72-77--149
Zachary Jackson 77-76--153
Sammie Goldfarb III 80-74--154
3. California State University-Dominguez Hills 611
Anibal Kim Yang 73-75--148
Ryan Saldana 76-77--153
Shane Kowal 74-81--155 
Brantly Blew 79-77--156
Cameron Macdonald 87-80--167
4. Virginia State University 622 
Matt Genchi 75-77--152
Austin Ayers 78-78--156
Aaron Nelson 77-79--156
Adam Clary 80-78--158
Dalton Jolly 86-86--172
5. Fayetteville State University 635 
Brandon Jobe 78-79--157
Justin Smith 84-74--158
Matthew Hawley 76-82--158
Christopher Jackson 79-83--162
6. Johnson C. Smith University 681
Brencis Stanford 79-82--161
Robert Calvin Mason 84-84--168
Stephen Graddick, IV 90-84--174
Johanan Edmeade 91-87--178
Men’s NAIA Division
1. University of Houston-Victoria 601
Vance Edwards 73-75--148
Steve Jones 75-73--148
William Dawson-Hicks 80-72--152
Nick Ver Elst 84-72--156
Jake Truss 81-78--159
2. Edward Waters College 715
Christian Mota 84-81--165
Alvin Vicioso 83-85--168
Spencer Smith 97-91--188
Melvin Tyler Johnson 105-89--194
Men’s Individual Invitational
1. Justin Watkins, University of Central Oklahoma - 76-69--145
2. Robert Grant, Alabama State University - 76-72--148
3. Dominique Worthen, LeMoyne-Owen College - 72-78--150
T4. William Godfrey, Francis Marion University - 78-76--154
T4. Ben Hunter, Newport News Apprentice School - 79-75--154
T6. Josiah Singletary, Methodist University - 85-73--158
T6. Jerrell Hubbard, Paine College - 79-79--158
8. Brandon Lau, Florida Institute of Technology - 78-81--159
T9. Lawrence Mckenzie, Livingstone College - 76-86--162
T9. Joseph Morrison, Florida A&M University - 82-80--162
11. Joseph Journey, University of Maryland Eastern Shore - 74-90--164
T12. Kijontray McClay, University of Maryland Eastern Shore - 81-84--165
T12. MarkAnthony Curtis, Marymount University - 81-84--165
14. Corey Price, Alabama State University - 79-87--166
T15. Anthony Body, Morehouse College - 86-82--168
T15. Taylor Nelson, Virginia Union University - 82-86--168
T17. James Fernandez, University of Central Oklahoma - 86-83--169
T17. Kenny Conrad, Lincoln University - 92-77--169
T19. Sean Wilson, Chowan University - 84-86--170
T19. Nivel Felicien, University of Maryland Eastern Shore - 83-87--170
T19. Michael Ferguson, University of Maryland Eastern Shore - 91-79--170
T22. Joseph Killebrew, Alabama State University - 85-86--171
T22. Bruce Cousin, Morehouse College - 86-85--171
24. Rhalston Jones, Benedict College - 89-84--173
25. John Wilborn, University of Nevada, Las Vegas - 89-87--176
26. Jon Seward, University of Maryland Eastern Shore - 94-87--181
T27. Brandon Bolling, Lewis University - 94-88--182
T27. Stephen Washington, Livingstone College - 90-92--182
29. Telvin Walker, Livingstone College - 95-88--183
30. Michael Harden, Clemson University - 92-94--186
31. Zach Armstrong, University of Central Oklahoma - 86-101--187
32. Patrick Harris, University of Maryland Eastern Shore - 89-100--189
33. Brandon Bailey, Virginia Union University - 93-99--192
34. Sedrick Bailey, University of Maryland Eastern Shore - 100-95--195
35. Eddie Crawford, Methodist University - 99-102--201
T36. Kelly Allen, Benedict College - 88-DQ
T36. Kohl Lasell, Prairie View University - 99-WD
Women’s Individual Invitational
1. Cheryl Chua, South Carolina State University 72-80--152
2. Tiana Jones, South Carolina State University 79-75--154
3. Kalea Heu, Utah Valley University 74-81--155
4. Cassandra Lesa, Utah Valley University 76-80--156
5. Tali Letoi, Chicago State University 79-79--158
T6. Cherie Chua, South Carolina State University 87-74--161
T6. Hannah Herman, Utah Valley University 81-80--161
8. Mia Campbell, Alabama State University 81-81--162
T9. Mackenzie Johnson, Michigan State University 80-84--164
T9. Darleen Raymond, Alabama State University 82-82--164
11. Jocelyn Williams, Savannah State University 89-78--167
12. Michelle Gifford, Savannah State University 85-85--170
13. Sierra Everson, University of Akron 86-87--173
14. Mele Latu, Johnson & Wales University 90-85--175
T15. Vanessa Adarme, Bethune-Cookman University 85-91--176
T15. Kelly Willis, Benedict College 92-84--176
17. Brunelle Coakley, Johnson & Wales University 106-105--211
18. Alexandra Uduk, University of Maryland Eastern Shore 86-NC
Kassandra Rivera, Texas Southern University 76-DQ