PGA welcomes women and youth with fun and affordable programs

PGA Junior League Golf
The PGA of America
PGA Junior League Golf, for boys and girls ages 13, uses a a popular scramble format that creates a nurturing environment for learning the game.
The PGA of America

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Published: Friday, April 17, 2015 | 1:34 p.m.
PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – The PGA of America has set its sights on growing two critical segment of golfers – women and youth – in 2015 through proven programs: Get Golf Ready and PGA Junior League Golf. 
"Women and kids have long been recognized as demographic segments that represent significant growth opportunities for golf," said Derek Sprague, President, the PGA of America. "We have developed and implemented programs that are connecting with these consumer groups and they are showing proven success."
Get Golf Ready is an industry-backed affordable lesson program led by the PGA of America. Starting at just $99 at most facilities, Get Golf Ready provides a series of five lessons that take participants through everything from how to check in at the pro shop to on-course experiences. 
While Get Golf Ready is for everyone, it has been especially popular with women. Nearly 99,000 consumers nationwide participated in Get Golf Ready programs in 2014. Of these, 62 percent were women; more than tripling golf's overall participation rate of 20 percent. With an 86 percent retention rate, Get Golf Ready is generating participants who continue to play and enjoy the game. 
"Before going through a Get Golf Ready class in Denver, I thought golf was a game for men," said Gretchen Yoder, a blogger with Mile High Mamas. "By the time I was done, I realized golf is a great game for the entire family. I'm getting my daughter into a program this summer and look forward to spending family time on the course."
To further develop younger golfers, PGA launched PGA Junior League Golf in 2012. PGA Junior League Golf is the key youth program of PGA REACH, the charitable arm of the PGA of America. The program is designed to be a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls ages 13 and under to enjoy golf. 
Utilizing a popular scramble format that creates a nurturing environment for learning the game with professional instruction and direction from PGA and LPGA Professionals, participants wear numbered jerseys and play on teams with their friends. Parents play an active role, making the program a family activity. PGA Junior League Golf continues to grow exponentially with 17,500 boys and girls participating on 1,425 teams last year as compared to nearly 9,000 boys and girls representing 740 teams in 2013. 
"Both Get Golf Ready and PGA Junior League Golf break down several of the stereotypical barriers to golf," said Sprague. "They get women and kids onto the golf course and really showcase that golf is a fun, inviting and affordable game for all."
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