A Quick Nine: What's your greatest golfing accomplishment?

St. Andrews
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Perhaps your greatest golfing accomplishment was playing someplace special... like St. Andrews.
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Published: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 | 3:25 p.m.

We all know about the golfing accomplishments of the greats.

Jack Nicklaus is the most decorated major champion of all time with 18. Sam Snead has more PGA Tour wins than anyone with 82. Harry Vardon's six British Open titles are more than anyone. Tiger Woods has more USGA victories than anyone (three U.S. Juniors, three U.S. Amateurs and three U.S. Opens). Kathy Whitworth's 88 wins on the LPGA Tour. The list goes on.

But, enough of all that.

That's all well and good for the legends listed, but we're more interested in you!

What's your greatest golf accomplishment?

That's exactly what we asked our friends in PGA.com Facebook Nation. Below are the top answers we received.

9. Never giving up. What a great answer! Even the top players in the world will admit that golf is hard. But, if you stick with it, there's nothing more satisfying than hitting a shot or shots the way you meant to hit them.

Facebook fan quote:

"Started golfing four years ago and still no eagle or ace. Guess my greatest accomplishment is that I don't give up." -- John Gordon Hicks

8. Enjoying the game. This might go along with No. 9 on this week's list, but we thought it was a good one. If you're ever having a less than stellar round and you get frustrated, take a second to step back and appreciate the beauty around you.

Facebook fan quote:

"Simply enjoying the best game on the planet." -- Frank Doolan

7. Two eagles in the same round. Imagine that -- 4 under on two holes in one round. Now that's impressive.

Facebook fan quote:

"Two eagles in the same round." -- Cameron Strutt

6. Shooting even par... Or, in this case, a very impressive and special way of shooting even par.

Facebook fan quote:

"I made 18 consecutive pars in a college tournament... no joke, with my dad on the bag." -- Rick Urbin

5. Playing golf at St. Andrews. It's where the game was born. There's just so much history and mystique.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Playing a round at St. Andrews back in 2007 after watching the last two rounds of the British Open!" -- Georgia Woeger

"You can't beat breaking 80 at St. Andrews -- two birdies and a par on the Road Hole. Don't think much else could come close to that." -- Michael Ball

4. Winning a tournament. It's an experience only a lucky few associated with this great game have had.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Winning a State Championship in HS." -- Joshua L Bailey

"I have a few I'm proud of. Member of my high school state championship team. In my high school hall of fame. Have holed a 3 wood. Two holes in one. PGA Member for almost 25 years now." -- Brian Wetzel

3. Passing the PAT and becoming a PGA Professional. Passing the Player Ability Test can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences for an aspiring PGA Professional.

Facebook fan quotes:

"PGA PAT first try, third year playing golf needed to shoot 77. Smooth 38 on front, make par on 10, bogey 11, double 12, bogey 13, collected myself with pep talk, birdied 14, 15, par 16, birdie 17, par 18 for a 75 and passed!" -- William Strickland

"Passing the PGA of America's Playing Ability Test." -- Kirby Lee

"Becoming a Head Golf Professional in the Colorado Rockies. A dream of mine since I was 15." -- Robert Mason Dunn

2. Quality time with loved ones. Doesn't everyone have a favorite foursome?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Playing golf with my Dad and my sons; followed closely by winning my flight in my club championship; with a final shout out to playing golf in Scotland!" -- Mike McCoy

"Two trips to Pebble Beach. The first to play and the second, taking my father who was a superintendent and club pro to walk around the course before he died from cancer." -- Greg Eckenrode

"Funny you asked. Just walked in the door from buying a set of clubs for my 14-year-old daughter. Now we can hopefully share years of bonding on the links as I did with my dad." -- Robert Michel

1. Making a hole-in-one. It's no surprise that this was at the top of our list. Sure, it takes a lot of luck, but is there any cooler personal achievement in golf than a hole-in-one?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Making first ace and coaching my high school team to the Maryland State Championship in the fall of 2007. Unforgettable." -- Paul Bangle

"Making my ace for sure." -- Brian Brockman

"284-yard ace." -- Brandon Smith

"Made my only hole-in-one, I have been playing for over 30 years, with my daughter a few years ago. Won my Club Championship in 2004. I also played in two NJCAA Championships and a State Amateur." -- Mike Bryant

"I was a Freshman in high school, it was the Monday before prom, April 22nd 1990, aced 174 yard par 3." -- Jason Soine

"Seeing my dad score an ace on the par 3 16th at Royal Lakes in Flowery Branch, Ga., two days before Christmas. He was 79." -- Daniel Thompson 



Aced the par 3 hole #3 at Aviara Golf Club on 12/20/12. My 4th hole-in-one (65 years of playing golf). Also eagled the par 4 18th at Aviara (one year ago) and was told it had never been done before on that hole.


Ace, 195 yard par 3, James Connally Golf Course in Waco Texas, Fathers Day 2012. Couldn't wait to call my dad who made a hole in one on the same course!


I've been playing golf for less than a year now, the more I play the more I enjoy this great game.
I am yet to get a ace, came very close to it on the 12th. Hole of Taylor Meadows golf course in Taylor MI, it was about 140 yards from tee to pin, I hit a soft 7 iron that got a great hight and straight at the flag, the ball drop a few feet before the flag and rolled passed the hole stopping about six inches away for a birdy 2, the best shot of my life, not a hole in one but it had me jumping up and down with joy


I just purchased a new set of golf clubs. On the very first hole, a 339 yard par 4, my drive went about 210 yards. My second shot, using my new 8 iron went onto the green and into the hole for my first eagle. The past 6 months included this eagle and my first hole in one. A very exciting year in golf for me.