A Quick Nine: President you'd most like to play golf with

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President George W. Bush enjoys a round of golf.
T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer

Series: A Quick Nine

Published: Wednesday, November 03, 2010 | 9:05 a.m.

The midterm elections might be in the books, but that didn't stop PGA.com from asking our Facebook fans to place one more vote.

For the subject of this week's, 'A Quick Nine,' feature, we asked you this: Who's your vote for President (past or present, golfer or non-golfer) that you'd most like to play a round of golf with?

Ladies and gentlemen, the votes are in:

1. President John F. Kennedy. Don Van Natta Jr., author of 'First Off the Tee,' a book about golf and those who played it in the White House, says JFK was the best presidential golfer, bad back and all. Based on the answers we received, it seems as though a lot of you wouldn't have cared much about whether he could play or not.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I think I'd like to tee it up with JFK… and maybe Marilyn as cart girl?!?!?" -- John Hendershot

"JFK, with Marilyn Monroe on the beverage cart!" -- Jason Natrop

2. President Barack Obama. We've seen loads of pictures of our Commander in Chief on the links. Can you blame him? Being the leader of the free world certainly brings about an unmatched level of stress. Where better to unwind than the golf course?

Facebook fan quotes:

"I'd like to round out a foursome with Clinton, George W., and Obama and ask how we can work together to fix the current mess." -- Walt Goshert

"President Obama, Michael Jordan, El Tigre, and myself to complete the foursome..." -- Sid Nickels

"Mr. Obama without hesitation..." -- Dominic Jordon

"Obama. He seems to have a well rounded personality and is probably tons of fun." -- Auntie Charm

3. President George Washington. A round of golf with our first president, eh? That'd be interesting. I'd like to see the equipment he'd be using.

Facebook fan quote:

"George Washington. Both of us wearing wigs, but it would be a round of putt-putt. Now, that would be fun." -- Scott Tucker

4. President Gerald Ford. He loves golf and was a regular in the Bob Hope Classic. One time, in fact, Ford hit a woman in the head with an errant tee shot.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Gerald Ford... Only problem him though… you didn't know which course you were playing until after he tees off!" -- Gary Gentile

"President Ford, fellow Eagle Scout." -- Ken DePasacreta

5. President Dwight Eisenhower. If it were up to me, this is the president I'd most want to play a round of golf with… provided he were the host. Eisenhower never shied away from his love of golf and the criticism he took for playing so much while in office. He also became close friends with Augusta National Golf Club co-founder Clifford Roberts. So much so, that Eisenhower became an Augusta National member in 1948. On the Augusta National grounds, there are several images of Eisenhower and - the most notable reminder of the former Commander in Chief - the Eisenhower Tree. This from Masters.com:

"Located at hole No. 17, the Eisenhower Tree is approximately 210 yards from the Masters tee and left-center of the fairway. The loblolly pine is approximately 65 feet high and about 100 to 125 years old. The former President of the U.S. and Club member hit into the tree so often he campaigned to have it removed. At a Club's governors meeting in 1956, Eisenhower proposed cutting the tree down. Clifford Roberts promptly ruled him out of order and adjourned the meeting. The pine has been linked to Eisenhower since then."

Facebook fan quotes:

"Eisenhower at Augusta National!" -- Sharon Nunnelly Stevenson "Eisenhower, I'm sure he could get me onto Augusta National!" -- Ryan Miller

6. President George W. Bush. Noted as a legitimate 15-handicap, Bush is a pretty good golfer. And he sure loves the game too. Guess it runs in the family… his father, former President George H.W. Bush, was recently voted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Facebook fan quote:

"George W. Bush so I could ask him about his faith and how he handled the terror attacks on 9/11." -- Brandon Muchmore

7. President Bill Clinton. Not everyone agreed with his politics, his diet, or the decisions he made in his personal life, but just about all of you agreed that it would sure make for some fun topics to talk about over a round of golf.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Clinton, without a doubt. Of all the Presidents, he was definitely the most 'interesting.'" -- Neil Swartz

"I played 2 rounds with Clinton in St. Thomas in the mid 90s. Although I'm a Republican, have to say it was very enjoyable and a laugh a minute." -- Philip Barnett

"Bill Clinton. I seriously think I could out drive him, and I'm sure he would have lots of good snacks in his bag." -- Bonnie Schoeppner

"Clinton... he'd be fun to hang around with and you could probably pick up some tips on how to lower your score by cheating!" -- Rick St. Peter

8. President Ronald Reagan. How much did Reagan enjoy golf? There's a picture of him working on his putting during a flight on Air Force One from 1985.

Facebook fan quote:

"Reagan, even if he just drives the bev cart around all day with my foursome.." -- Scott Seifferlein

9. President Richard Nixon. On the course, Nixon was like many of us - he took the game very serious, but wasn't very good at it.

Facebook fan quote:

"I would play with Nixon to see if he uses mulligans and an eraser." -- Scott Seifferlein



George. He's not only a good golfer, a fun guy now that the libs have quit targeting him but a darn good fisherman, H, One smart cookie, Probably not too much golf anymore but I have so much respect for him he can just ride with us. Wild Willy. He'd never stop talking and it would be fun pimping his arse about his woman. What a hoot. He could tell some stories! It would be a fun game.


President Bill Clinton. He is my idol. I'd like to listen to his ideology. What made him go over the line.


Interesting that there is no mention of the golf history connection of the Bush Presidents: George H's grandfather was George Herbert Walker (namesake and great-grandfather to his son, the 43rd President), after whom the Walker Cup Match is named. He was USGA President in 1920, when the series was initiated.

Personally, George H. and President Clinton would be my choices to play a round of golf with.


I'd like to play with the one who plays most like me, a duffer, so that I could engage him in conversation about he vast experiences he has had in life...

Second, probably a avid golfer, would be Ronald Reagan, a little too late for that, but it would be a great nine holes!