A Sense of Huber: A Welcome and Introduction

Jim Huber
Emmy award-winning sports persona Jim Huber welcomes your thoughts, your questions and your perspective as he shares a life experience in covering, playing and loving golf.
Jim Huber

Series: A Sense of Huber

Published: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 | 4:11 p.m.

This is the first of what I hope will be years of chats 'tween thee and me, a chance for us to talk golf and not necessarily only the professional variety. 

If you're visiting this site, chances are you play the game. Perhaps you're looking for help from a PGA professional. Maybe you're searching for dates for upcoming PGA of America events like the Senior PGA Championship, the PGA Championship or the Grand Slam of Golf.

A Sense of Huber

Share your questions, thoughts and love of golf with Jim

Or perhaps you're just browsing.

What you have stumbled across, then, are the musings of a lifelong golfer who just happens to also cover the game for TNT as well as PGA.com.

My handicap, as a member of the Atlanta Athletic Club, has fluctuated mildly from a low of five to a high of 10 in the last few years. The game is currently in the shop for repairs and what better time of year than winter for that?

In this corner, then, you will find my thoughts on the game and it's frustrating joys each week. You will have a chance to fire back, ask questions, do your own rambling at askjimhuber@turner.com. You will also be able to send queries and feedback via the PGA.com Facebook page and/or follow me on twitter at @jamesrhuber.

We'll choose a couple of the best questions or thoughts and offer up some answers the following week.

Nothing is better for bringing new friends together than golf and this will be our chance to meet and greet.

Though my name and face are at the top of this, it will be as much about you and your game.

One bit of warning: I can play a bit but I can't fix. I leave that to my friendly neighborhood professional. Those, then, wondering about that shank? I will commiserate and immediately send you to a real doctor. I just play one on TV.

Y'all come, hear? 



Thanks Jim. This is a great initiative to draw more golfers into playing the game. I look forward to following your updates and tweets.


I always enjoy your work. I'm here not necessarily for the golf, but to get the Huber take on golf and related (or non-related) insights.


Looking forward to reading your columns here, Jim. I'm not sure how much you follow the women's pro game. Do you have any thoughts on what the LPGA should be doing to attract more sponsors and fans here in the U.S.?