A Sense of Huber: Tiger still moves the needle

Tiger Woods
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No matter how well he is - or is not - playing, Tiger Woods is still golf's biggest draw.
Jim Huber

Series: A Sense of Huber

Published: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 | 4:05 p.m.

It remains, even after all these years, astonishing just how the name Tiger Woods elevates an event. It matters little how he's playing or why, it simply takes an ordinary tournament and lifts it a dozen notches.

Not that the PGA Championship is, in any way, ordinary. But within an hour of Tiger's announcement that he would play last month, ticket sales spiraled out of control.
I am certain the fact that he has said he will play in the Frys.com tournament just south of San Jose in October has done the same there. It will be his first October appearance of any kind since playing in a WGC event years ago. And you know the Aussies will be lining up to see him come November and the Presidents Cup.

Why he is playing is both obvious and a bit not so. When Fred Couples named him to the American side for the Presidents Cup, Couples was firm in his admonishment that Woods needed to play between now and then to get his game in order.

That Couples believes in Woods enough to put his team on the line has to be as firm a slap on the shoulders as Tiger has received in a long time. That Couples has pushed him into competition beforehand is a wise old move.

But there are rumblings of another root cause for Tiger to be participating in the Frys. Rumor has it that the Woods camp has been negotiating with Frys for an endorsement deal. Thus this becomes like the Buick deal years gone by, Tiger playing for those who pay him.

Doesn't matter.

He needs to play. We need him to play. All of golf needs him to play. Nobody raises the bar, pushes the needle, spurs the conversation, whatever cliché you want to employ, like this man.

Is one tournament between now and Royal Melbourne enough?

Nowhere near.

But it's a start.

Wonder if, oh, McGladrey's might be interested in a deal? 

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