One Good Turn Deserves Another
John Buczek, PGA


Published: Thursday, November 11, 2010 | 10:30 a.m.

The cliché,"one good turn deserves another" is as helpful with your golf swing as it is for everyday living.

Once you adopt a balanced posture with a tilt of the spine, lower back flat, hips back, knees slightly flexed and your body weight concentrated on the balls of your feet, you are ready for your turn.

The golf swing is initiated with the left shoulder and back, the big muscles pushing the triangle formed by the arms. The club will be moving straight back, along the intended line of flight for 12 inches or more. Your shoulders will continue to rotate. Our goal is to get your left shoulder around (not down) and behind the ball. Your arms will follow the body turn with a natural hinging of the wrists and right arm. The right arm will form an "L" position at the top of the backswing. At the completion of the turn, you will feel pressure on the right foot, flexed right knee and right hip.

You have completed your turn.

Initiate the downswing by moving the weight back to the left, allowing the left knee to move back where it started, the left shoulder leaving your chin, the arms dropping and the hips and torso are rotating. This allows the weight to move to the left foot and permits the right arm, hip and shoulder to continue around into a balanced position on the left foot and right toe, facing the target.

Remember: A good turn back triggers a good turn forward.