Sunday's top tweets

We have enlisted an army of correspondents to follow the PGA Championship and post their thoughts and observations on Twitter throughout each day. Here is a round-up of some of the best from Sunday's final round.


Some of the bunkers at Whistling Straits got plenty of use on Sunday. (Getty Images)

KOHLER, Wis.-- It was one of the wildest and most intense days in PGA Championship history, and fortunately for us, had its array of correspondents out on the course from the get-go. And like they’ve done all week, they covered every inch (and bunker) of the final round of the 92nd PGA Championship.

Once again we started early, really early, as our intrepid correspondent Jason Manke, PGA, clued us in to an announcement before anyone else knew:

“You heard it here first... Poulter will withdraw this morning due to sickness and shooting 77.”

But that only led to our next news. With Poulter’s withdrawal, Jeff Overton was then a single playing alone. This led to our next correspondent, PGA’s Andy Landenberger, who was asked to serve as his official walking scorer. Overton teed off a little after 8 a.m.  Just a little later, this was our update.

Jason Manke, PGA: “Jeff Overton, playing as a single, teed off a little after 8am. It's just past 10am now. He's done. No report if there was any sprinting”

Andy Landenberger, PGA: “I can confirm, there was sprinting.”

To read Andy’s account of the round, click here.

Chris Rogers, PGA/PGM, had an early call on who would perform well: “Phil’s on FIRE.”

And then the players who were struggling did not escape our on-course reporters.

Ryan Wagner, PGA: “Just heard kid ask his dad, "Do you remember a couple years ago watching the "other" Tiger play?"

But again, most of the updates had to do with the feel and tone of the crowd and the layout.

Ryan Wagner, PGA: “Crowd here is having a Wisconsin kind of time! Just heard a guy say we can't go to sit on 16, they don't have a concession stand.”

“I'm a local pro, just had one of my juniors come up to me to tell me Tiger said hi to him! (6 yrs old) Isn't this event great?”

Chris Rogers, PGA/PGM: “Stealth bomber flying over the golf course. I hope they don't find me....”

And then a prophetic word from one of our guys:

Chris Rogers, PGA/PGM: “The wind is finally picking up. Only took four days. Watch out for those wind gusts.....”

And as the Nick Watney, the leader coming into the round, arrived, our reporters were ready.

Jason Manke, PGA: “There's a plane circling the shore that's pulling "VISIT SHEBOYGAN.COM TO WIN", I'll bet Watney's looking for a computer.”

And as the action started, we had that covered, too.

Chris Rogers, PGA/PGM: “Three shot swing on the first hole....WOW!”

Ryan Wagner, PGA: “Bubba's drive at 10 described by one patron as "in the deep, deep, deep”

Matt Frey, PGA/PGM: “Bubba Watson is now tied for the lead at The PGA. It's pronounced Buh-buh, just in case you were wondering.”

And once we neared the finish, it got really interesting. And our reporters were there.

Chris Rogers, PGA/PGA: “Martin Kaymer went to the range and said "I've never been in a playoff before, what do I do now?"

And then, the Dustin Johnson ruling was announced and controversy erupted. Some of the Tour players then started to weigh in via their Twitter accounts.

@PaulAzinger: “Very good description by official Mark Wilson of the ruling..really bad break”

@TrevorImmelman: “That is ridiculous, since when can a 1000 spectators walk through a bunker? Stupid!”

@StewartCink: “I like Dustin Johnson. It's too bad. Maybe Whistling Straits should rethink some of those obscure bunker-ish features.”

And as the playoff continued, some of our reporters had to leave the course.

Jason Manke, PGA: “I never thought I'd leave the grounds with blisters on my feet and without knowing who hoisted the trophy.”

But ultimately, we had a winner. Martin Kaymer won the 92nd PGA Championship. But many expressed that there were three winners, with Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson also gaining a great measure of respect for their actions and behavior for the week.  So we’ll leave our last update to our Ryder Cup Captain Corey Pavin, who sent out this note via Twitter shortly after the tournament:

@RC_CAPTAIN_2010: “Wow!!! 1st-congrats to Kaymer. Dustin-you are a class act&played great. Bubba-awesome tourney. To both: CONGRATS on making the 2010 RC Team”

And great final note to end what’s been a great week.  Thank you all for reading, engaging and supporting the PGA Championship.