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2013 PGA Championship Thursday Interview Transcript: Bob Sowards

Q.  How did it feel today?

BOB SOWARDS:  It's a little tight starting out, being nervous, but birdieing the first hole is kind of cool.  I just    I made too many bad swings.  Every time you make a mistake here, you get penalized so I got penalized quite a bit.  I made three birdies which was nice. 

3 over was not the worst score that I could have shot.  My short game was good; I just need to hit it a little more solid tomorrow. 

Q.  The rain from last night have much of an effect?

BOB SOWARDS:  It played about the same as yesterday.  I mean, I don't know how much rain they got, but the ball wasn't rolling in the fairway as much, but the greens seemed even faster than yesterday, so the greens are definitely up to speed.  The greens are perfect.  If you miss a putt out there, it's your own fault.

Q.  What was it like being on the first tee?

BOB SOWARDS:  It's nerve wracking.  I'm nervous at every tournament regardless of the people around, but I hit a great drive, good iron in there, made the putt.  So hopefully I'm that nervous tomorrow every hole so I can make birdies.

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