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2013 PGA Championship Thursday Interview Transcript: Jason Dufner

Q.  2 under, good start to the tournament?

JASON DUFNER:  Not too bad, probably played a little bit easy for us today on this golf course. 

The weather last night and this morning kind of helped soften the greens up.  Still got to hit it in the fairways to be able to score. 

Q.  Walked around a little bit out there earlier and that rough was pretty nasty.  How penalizing was that?

JASON DUFNER:  Yeah, you know, probably half a shot.  The thing about it is it's pretty fair.  It seems like nobody is really being able to advance it.  That's a good thing.  You know that if you are going to be in there, everybody in the field is going to have the same situation you are.  You just kind of deal with it the best you can.

Q.  After you made the turn, you seemed to kind of get it settled down a little bit, make some birdies on your second nine?

JASON DUFNER:  Yeah, you know, I had a good up and down from about 100 yards for par and then made some birdies there on 5, 6, 7.  So it was good to finish that way.  I have been kind of doing the opposite lately, getting off to a good start and finishing poorly, so flipped it a little bit today.

Q.  What do you look for heading into tomorrow?

JASON DUFNER:  Just keep doing what I'm doing.  I hit a lot of good shots out there.  I was in the fairway or the first cut, which is playable.  Then you will be able to score a little bit because the greens are kind of receptive, but I'm sure it's going to get tougher and firmer and faster. 

Q.  Do you think that will be a big challenge after getting the overnight rain and   

JASON DUFNER:  You know, the course is going to dry out and firm out so you are going to have to be in the fairway even more.  You are not going to be able to be as aggressive with your iron shots at some point this week.  So I think the scores are generally trimmed down towards that even par number, even par to 5 under, just depending on what weather we get and how firm and fast the course gets.

Q.  Do you think it will reflect that this afternoon?

JASON DUFNER:  No.  It seems pretty humid out here right now, so the moisture is kind of holding in the ground.  I don't think the guys will have too much of a go as far as firm and fast.  The greens might chew up a little bit more, make it a little bit tougher to putt, but I think today is fairly scorable for Oak Hill. 

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