2014 PGA Championship Round 1 Interview with: JERRY KELLY (quick quotes)

Q.  Thoughts on the day, how do you explain it? 

JERRY KELLY:  I hit the ball pretty well.  I'm not hitting it that short right now when I'm hitting it solid.  I didn't hit it solid coming in as much, but I hit the ball pretty good out there.  I mean, I had very manageable clubs in, mostly 6 irons, things like that.  It's not 8 or 9 like a lot of these guys, but it's not 3 iron, either. 

So very manageable in a lot of the spots where I thought it was going to be a little bit longer than that.  You know, you've got to get the ball in the fairway and that's going to help me.  You can get lies, but you can get some tough lies, too.  We'll see how it pans out.  I feel like I already played a tournament.  I'm tired. 

Q.  And you must have putted well?

JERRY KELLY:  Yeah, I putted well, absolutely.  I put myself in a position to putt well today, but I made a couple good par saves.  The bogeys were weak but it's going to happen out here. 

Q.  And a 90 per cent chance of rain tomorrow, do you just get ready for a long slog? 

JERRY KELLY:  Absolutely.  I think it's thunderstorms though.  The problem is, is it's going to make it wet.  And then I'm going to have 3 iron, utility in with mud balls, because I know they are probably not going to play it up.  It will turn into too long of a course for me.  So just wait, it will happen (laughs). 

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