2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Blake Adams

BLAKE ADAMS:  I didn't make any putts the first three days.  I switched putters this morning to one I had never played a round with.  Got it on Monday, put it in play and shot 5 under, no bogeys.

Q.  Did you think, what could have been, if you could put it together for a couple of days?

BLAKE ADAMS:  I don't think so.  I've had a really, really good putter for a year and a half.  On my flight home the U.S. Open, it got bent in the air travel and has not really been the same since and it was just last straw, I guess this morning when I was putting with it, just didn't make anything.  Actually played a lot better than my 3 over really showed.

To have really nothing to lose on the afternoon round, made a few putts coming in, and it was certainly nice to see.

Q.  Can you talk about your overall impress of Kiawah and The Ocean Course and the tournament?

BLAKE ADAMS:  The golf course is in perfect, perfect shape.  We have had tons of rain the whole week and it's held up incredible.  There has not been one speck of mud on my ball the entire week.

The crowds are great.  I don't see how they get all these folks here, but I have been fortunate to stay only right down the road here.  Just a great, great atmosphere here.  The fans have been great.  I'm only 3 1/2 hours down the road, so they have been very, very welcome and warm for me.  Just very, very glad to be here.

Q.  Excited that you played yourself into a Top 15 which will get you to the PGA next year?

BLAKE ADAMS:  Absolutely.  Every week I expect to play well.  My goal is certainly to win, and if I don't win, just obviously finish as high as I can and had some putts finally go in today and it was nice to see.  Hopefully just go on that for the Playoffs the next few weeks and just keep on rolling.

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