2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Aaron Baddeley

AARON BADDELEY:  I scored very well, putted nicely, so 4 under was a good start. 

Q.  Can you talk about the conditions on the course? 

AARON BADDELEY:  The day, the wind progressively picked up as the day went on.  This golf course, there's a lot of crosswinds, there's not many downwind or into the wind holes.  It's mainly across or so it definitely demands your attention. 

Q.  Were you confident about your game? 

AARON BADDELEY:  Yeah, 4 under par is a good start, especially afternoon round today, like I said, I scored well.  I putted nicely, which you've got to do around here. 

So looking forward to getting out early tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be nice and calm in the morning, and then we can shoot another good score. 

Q.  Is there anything you think you should work on? 

AARON BADDELEY:  I think if I can just hit a couple irons a little sharper, then I'll be pleased. 

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