Who will win the PGA Championship?

Guess who PGA.com Facebook Nation thinks is the favorite to win the PGA Championship this week?

A Quick Nine: Who will win the PGA Championship?

There are so many star players playing so well this season. We asked our friends in PGA.com Facebook Nation to tell us: Who will win the 94th PGA Championship?

By T.J. Auclair
PGA.com Interactive Producer

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. -- It's hard to believe that the final major of the 2012 season is upon us this week, but it is -- the PGA Championship at the Ocean Course on the Kiawah Island Resort in South Carolina.

Bubba Watson won the Masters. Webb Simpson won the U.S. Open. Ernie Els won the Open Championship. Who will claim the PGA Championship?

The last 16 major champions have featured a different winner. Will that trend continue this week, or will it come to an end?

To answer our question, we figured who better to turn to than our friends in PGA.com Facebook Nation?

The Nation has spoken. Check out the list of players YOU think will hoist the Wanamaker Trophy come Sunday evening:

9. Adam Scott. This would pretty much mirror the Rory McIlroy story from one year ago. McIlroy had a difficult Sunday at the Masters, surrendering a big lead, only to turn around and win the U.S. Open in his next major start. Can Scott turn the same trick? He bogeyed his final four holes at the Open Championship, which Ernie Els won. Will his first major victory come at the PGA Championship?

Facebook fan quotes:

"I'm hoping for DJ or Rickie but I have a feeling Adam Scott is going to redeem himself." -- Brandon Brenner

"Adam Scott, will find himself in the exact opposite scenario as the British Open. Only this time he wins!" -- Michael Crew

8. Bubba Watson. Understandably, Watson hit a little slump after his Masters win. Of course, some of that could have been due to rust too, seeing as he didn't play a whole lot. Lately, though, Watson seems to be making a come back. He tied for second at the Travelers Championship, and finished among the top 25 at both the Open Championship and the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Bubba... because he's da man." -- Glenn Allen Carswell

"Bubba Watson, because he can control his ball flight like none other. Key when playing a windy golf course." -- Chris Neal

"Bubba Watson because he wants it and of course because he's Bubba long!" -- Berry Roberts

7. Jim Furyk. This gritty veteran isn't the kind of guy who lets tournaments get away. However, two times in the past two months, that's precisely what has happened. First it was a late stumble at the U.S. Open. Then, just last week, he double-bogeyed the final hole at Firestone to lose the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. Can he put those losses behind him at Kiawah?

Facebook fan quotes:

"I'd like to see Furyk step up and win after his epic fail at Bridgestone." -- Barbara Becka Herrmann

"Furyk is out to prove something to people after last week's heartbreak." -- Alex Beck

"Furyk will bounce back from his poor performance during last weeks closing holes." -- William Farrell Jr.

"Jim Furyk, he'll get it done this time." -- Sean Turner

6. Rickie Fowler. His lone top-10 finish in 11 major championship starts was a tie for fifth at the Open Championship in 2011. As if he weren't already one of the most popular players in the world, could you imagine if the flashy Fowler won a major?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Rickie Fowler." -- Adam James Eich

"Rickie Fowler to cap off a good season." -- Max Holcombe

"Rickie FOWLER!" -- Jason Ackerman

"Rickie Fowler because he is due and if he can putt, his wedge game is too good to not win." -- Andrew Burke

5. Graeme McDowell. The 2010 U.S. Open champion tied for 12th at this year's Masters, tied for second in the U.S. Open and tied for fifth in the Open Championship. He's obviously become a player you need to keep an eye on in majors.

Facebook fan quotes:

"G-Mac... he hits fairways!" -- Steve O. Campbell

"G-Mac. Experience in Majors, experience on courses near oceans/wind, and has been playing well. Just needs to finish a final round off!" -- Sean McCarthy

"GMac because my wife loves short 'athletic' Irish golfers." -- Mike O'Brien 

"G-Mac... he just handles tough courses well.. and if it gets windy the man grew up on links golf... go blazers!" -- Ben Chambers

4. Rory McIlroy. Sure, he'd been slumping a bit this year, but McIlroy seems to be coming around after a tie for fifth at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational last week.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Rory McIlroy. Coming off a good week at the Bridgestone even though he was 3 over through four on Thursday." -- Ronan Donovan

"Rory McIlroy! Cap off a perfect few sporting weeks for the UK!" -- Ross Goulding 

"Rory he is ready for his second major." -- Josh Deewaard

"RORS he was swinging good the last three rounds of WGC." -- Robert Cermak

3. Steve Stricker. Certainly in the argument of best player never to have won a major, Stricker is one guy who everyone would love to see win a major to cap off a great career.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I've got a feeling that Stricker will stay very steady all week!" -- Mike Dove

"Stricker has it. He won't make many mistakes, that's what a major is all about." -- J Mark Bolton

"Stricker -- excellent iron play, and putting, putting, putting." -- Michael Rubner

"Got my money on Steve Stricker. Up and down and great putting will win this championship. Stricker is one of the best putters in the game. Got to go SS." -- Stacey Ricky Richardson

"Steve Stricker. I think It will come down to total putts. His iron game is strong and he's on fire right now." -- Stephen Stodolski

2. Jason Dufner. After losing in a playoff to Keegan Bradley at the 2011 PGA Championship, Dufner easily could have faded into obscurity. Instead, he's become a star on the PGA Tour. He's a two-time winner in 2012 and deserving of being considered a favorite this week.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Dufner, because he's calm, controlled and plays a 'smart' game." -- Gary Shull

"I like Dufner, DJ or Bradley... would love to see Tiger in the hunt on Sunday too - it is great for golf." -- Talbot Reiber

"Dufner's back with a vengeance." -- Everett Micah Johnson

"I'm going with Jason Dufner." -- Mark Caskey

"Jason Dufner, it's his year." -- Daniel Ogden

"Jason Dufner. He is the most consistent player in the past year. Just let it slip by last time." -- Justin Shaffer

"I really like Dufner, piercing trajectory, and doesn't make a lot of mistakes. I have a feeling the winner is the person that puts four consistent rounds together. Dufner, is that kind of player." -- Jeff Trigger

"Jason Dufner. Vindication from last year's loss." -- Matthew Givens

1. Tiger Woods. Any surprise here? The 14-time major champion seems to have found the game that's escaped him the last few seasons. He's won three times on the PGA Tour this season and seems poised to win No. 15 soon.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Tiger because he's the greatest." -- Jack McNamara

"Tiger. It's his time!" -- Brian Scholl

"Tiger's best chance of winning a major." -- Claus Emerling

"Tiger... I have been saying all year that "T" will win a major... Last chance." -- Stacy Hill

"Tiger: the new underdog." -- Derrick Morris Rose

"Tiger Woods because it's way past time and I think it's just a matter of time before he's back." -- Ben Hinton

"If Tiger's driver behaves and he makes a few putts see ya later PGA field his iron play again is brilliant." -- Andrew Cairney

"Tiger if the course is playing soft. High fading irons all day long!! Stick 'em close, make putts." -- Don McCallister

"Even I can have a good week putting every once in awhile! Tiger finds the flat stick this week!" -- Adam Frazier