Woody Austin penalized 4 shots for having 15 clubs in bag

What follows is the official PGA of America explanation of the four-stroke penatly assessed to Woody Austin for having 15 clubs in bag during Friday's second round of the 2013 PGA Championship:

During the second round of the 95th PGA Championship, Woody Austin was assessed a four-stroke penalty under Rule 4-4, for exceeding the 14 club limit.

During play on the third hole, Austin discovered that he had 15 clubs in his bag. He declared the extra club out of play and reported this fact to a rules official when he finished the third hole.

Under Rule 4-4, Maximum of Fourteen Clubs: "The player must not start a stipulated round with more than 14 clubs." The penalty for breach of this Rule is two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred, with a maximum penalty of four strokes. Austin added two strokes to his score for the first and second holes.

PGA of America Rules Committee