Remy Blog: Sunday

In the final entry of his PGA Cup blog, United States Captain Jim Remy remarks on the beautiful setting at CordeValle, the new friends he's made and the incredible camaraderie with the players and their families this week.


U.S. Captain Jim Remy (right) discussed some strategy with team member Sonny Skinner during the Sunday singles. (Montana Pritchard/The PGA of America)

Editor's Note: Each day during the 25th PGA Cup at CordeValle in San Martin, Calif., United States Captain Jim Remy will file a blog entry. Remy is currently the Honorary President of The PGA of America, having recently served a two-year term as the Association’s 36th President. A PGA member since 1984, Remy is the vice president and general manager of the Okemo Golf Division at the Okemo Valley Golf Club in Ludlow, Vt. Here is his final blog.

By Jim Remy, United States Captain

SAN MARTIN, Calif. -- I am not sure if there's much else to say or write other than that I'm just so proud of these guys. They really came together as a team, they were professional and enjoyable and they deserve all the credit.  This was a team win and I couldn't be happier or prouder of every one of them. 

The obvious point, but one I really want to stress, is that these guys can really golf.  We had seven players who were playing in their first PGA Cup, only three who had previous PGA Cup experience. It didn't matter.  This was a clear example of people working together, supporting and pushing each other and the whole being bigger and better than the parts. 

I don't think anyone could have predicted such a large margin of victory, but I can tell you I had faith in every player to go out and do all they could to get a point for the team. And they did. I asked them to really concentrate on foursomes, and they obviously did. And they are tenacious in singles. They would have been a hard team for anyone to beat.

And to that point, the Great Britain & Ireland team deserves our respect and a lot of credit.  They were great competitors and we're excited to call them friends.  They showed tremendous talent. They just ran into a buzzsaw in our team this week.

I'm going to look back on this week and think about the win, this beautiful setting of CordeValle, the new friends we've met and the incredible camraderie with the players, their wives and the fun times we shared together.

I've been an officer of the PGA of America for seven years now.  I've always maintained that the PGA Cup is the No. 1 event. It is our Ryder Cup and it means so much to our members.  For me to have the opportunity to captain a PGA Cup team really is the culmination of my time as a PGA officer.  It's been just one of the biggest thrills of my life.