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Spread Your Wings This Golf Season

PGA of America
Frank Chieppa, PGA

Series: Already Golf

Published: Saturday, April 05, 2014 | 12:23 a.m.

So this is the year you’re planning on taking your game to a new level.  You’ve spent the winter months reading articles and tips about improving your swing and types of shots.  You’ve made adjustments to your equipment either by getting a new driver or wedge or maybe just by having your clubs re-gripped in preparation for 2014.  What next then?


Consider joining a golf league and/or establishing a handicap.  We all know that the instruction component is a strong way to improve but by putting yourself on a regular play schedule with peers in a fun, social and competitive setting, opportunities for advancement will present themselves in many different ways.  For example, most of our games are of the individual variety matching our current round score to that of the last time we played.  By participating in a league, you not only will be measured on your score on a regular basis but typically you become part of a team where the encouragement to excel comes from those who share the same end goal.  In addition to that urge to be better, those weekly matches are also some of the best chances to play with new and different partners allowing for greater social interaction on the course and potential to meet new people who share the same desire to play.


Finally, if your schedule doesn’t permit you to play golf regularly on a league team, consider establishing a registered handicap through your local facility.  These handicaps are devised mathematically by formulas established by the United States Golf Association (USGA) and are a great way to also track your progress.  Revised twice monthly, the review provided gives a solid charting of your scores based on the difficulty and rating of every course you play as well as making for a great topic for conversation with fellow players.


Here’s to a great 2014 and an improved golf game.  Have fun and play as often as possible.