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Golf Truths About Getting Better

PGA of America
Getting better over time means creating a plan to continually improve - a PGA or LPGA coach can help you along the way.
Jack Dillon
author 'High Fives'

Series: Already Golf

Published: Friday, October 16, 2015 | 1:55 p.m.

Many of you are getting those last few rounds in, while others are preparing for a brand new sun belt season.  Golf is the game that is played somewhere every day of the year.  Some play it well, while others want desperately to improve.  For many, a better golf game is more a wish than a plan toward results.  Today in the “already a golfer” section, I propose to answer the question of “how can I get better at this crazy game?!"

Here are 5 absolutes for improving your game:

  1. Locate and stay with a strong PGA or LPGA Professional.  This number one is the best way to assure a better game.
  2. Keep your stats.  As a kid, I knew every baseball batting average of every major leaguer.  It was fun for me to know the numbers.  It can be fun and enlightening to know your long game and short game statistics.  Once you do, you and your professional will know where to spend the most time in order to get to lower scores.
  3. Practice.  Work on your game consistently, and with a plan.  Never go out to hit golf balls aimlessly and maybe for exercise.  Have a plan with goals each time you decide to practice.
  4. Play with golfers better than you.  You will learn a great deal every time you decide to find a game amongst good players.  Watch their preshot routine, the way they approach the short game.  As they say, these rounds can be priceless.
  5. Never take the game or yourself seriously.  Relax.  Go play the game as a game.  Find friends you can enjoy as much as the game.  As an amateur, it is about recreation.

These are my absolute ways to lower your score, become a better player, and learn how to relax more in all parts of life.  Golf is the game of a lifetime.  If you take it as a game, it will increase the fun and joy in your life.

Written by contributing author Jack Dillon of "High Fives"