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Already A Golfer

How to Share Your Love of the Game

Cindie Deery - spdcld@aol.com
Having a friend by your side makes the game even more enjoyable.
Jonathan Gold, PGA

Series: Already Golf

Published: Saturday, May 31, 2014 | 12:42 a.m.

Golf is a wonderful game and often most enjoyed among friends.  You may in fact have a couple of friends that you would like to join you on the golf course, but they have little to no golf experience.  The question is what is the best way to introduce these friends to this great game? Obviously you as a friend can give them a couple of tips, but if you would like them to be on the golf course with you in a matter of a couple lessons, instruction from a PGA or LPGA Professional is the very best way.  These men and women are dedicated to providing the very best instruction and are experienced with helping people of all skill levels improve.  A great and subtle gift maybe a series of golf lessons which can easily be purchased in the golf shop.  Considering golf is a lifelong sport, they will be thanking you for the rest of their life.  Also, you may want to look into a program called Get Golf Ready.  These series of lessons are extremely valuable, affordable and are proven to have your friend comfortable on the golf course in no time.  You can inquire about Get Golf Ready lessons in the golf shop, or visit www.getgolfready.com to find facilities in your area.