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Don't be Afraid to Tee It Forward

PGA of America
Golfers enjoying a forward tee experience
Bob Doyle, PGA

Series: Already Golf

Published: Sunday, May 11, 2014 | 10:16 p.m.

Unless you don’t read or listen to golf coverage of any kind, you have heard about the push to grow the game of golf.  Efforts to make the game more user-friendly through initiatives like Get Golf Ready and last year’s “While We’re Young” promotion are examples of how the golf industry is responding to some of the common knocks on golf.

Last year I had a troubling conversation with an avid player who had reached a crossroads with her golf.  She has been a good player her entire life and still has a regular group she plays with twice a week and until recently participated in ladies club activities at her course.  Unfortunately as this woman strives to celebrate nearly 60 years playing golf, she has lost some strength and distance. Younger members of the ladies club think she should go play the executive course, but she is bound and determined to keep her regular group together and would like to play competitively with the ladies club.

During the discussion I shared information about Tee it Forward.  With Tee it Forward there is a formula available to adjust USGA handicaps to make competition equitable.  We discussed the logistics of locating level teeing areas that may be off to the side or at the beginning of a fairway. 

Last I heard, there are as many as five women weekly playing a forward set of tees at this ladies club. They’re playing fast and aren’t afraid to Tee it Forward!