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You Don’t Have to Master the Game to Enjoy It

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Get Golf Ready small group classes build students’ confidence
Daryl Batey, PGA

Series: Get Golf Ready

Published: Saturday, June 14, 2014 | 12:27 a.m.

Golf is not as hard as one may think, contrary to popular belief. Yes, it is more difficult to play at a very high level, but to participate in a sport where you can have fun with friends and family does not require a mastery of the skills. With all the new programs and alternative forms to playing and scoring, you can have as much fun as the individuals who play at a very high level without all the stress. 

If you are new to the game of golf, Get Golf Ready (GGR) undoubtedly is one of the best programs the golf industry has implemented in many years.  It is a fun, inexpensive way to get introduced to the game of golf, reduce any intimidation you may have and get you comfortable on the golf course.  The price point varies by market, but most programs start at $99 per person for 5 lessons and you don’t even need equipment. You can borrow equipment from the host facility.

Prospective new players to the game can enjoy the benefits of socializing and networking on the golf course. There is also a health and wellness component to playing golf. Walking or riding you will burn calories and get a very good workout. One of the most important pieces of advice I can offer is when you decide to consider playing golf, make sure you seek out a PGA or LPGA Professional. He or she has been trained in the proper way to progress new students along a path of improvement and can set a course of action where you will become a golfer for life!