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Become a Golfer with Get Golf Ready

PGA of America
Daryl Batey, PGA

Series: Get Golf Ready

Published: Monday, November 24, 2014 | 4:16 p.m.

If you are thinking about becoming a golfer, or at least just trying out the game, there is no better way than Get Golf Ready. The program makes learning golf fun, easy and affordable. Grab a friend and find a location that’s convenient for you – near work or home. By bringing a friend, you are guaranteed to have a playing partner once you wrap up your introductory experience.

The easiest way to locate a class is to visit GetGolfReady.com and enter your zip code. Depending on availability in your area, you’ll see a list of facilities offering classes with their corresponding dates and times. Finding, registering and paying for a class can often be a breeze – getting your right into your first golf experience!

After registering online at GetGolfReady.com, all future communication can be done via email. If there are weather issues that may prevent the class from meeting on a scheduled day, your PGA Professional can email and notify you that the class has been canceled and a makeup date scheduled.

Once you’re at the course – your local PGA or LPGA Professional will take you step-by-step through the fundamentals of the game: putting, chipping, pitching, irons and woods. Not only will they help you grasp the basics, they’ll get you comfortable at the facility and feeling welcome in no time at all. Even better, you’ll get out on the golf course right from the very first day!

Before you even knew it, you’ve already become a golfer.