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Learning On Course is Key to Comfort and Confidence

Cindie Deery
A young woman builds her confidence on course during Get Golf Ready
Bob Doyle, PGA

Series: Get Golf Ready

Published: Friday, June 06, 2014 | 10:49 p.m.

In my career as a PGA Professional, I’ve given hundreds of introductory and small group clinics.  Some teachers enjoy working more with established players, but like many PGA Professionals I’ve always enjoyed working with someone new to the game.  There is nothing like helping someone as they learn to really enjoy golf, or working with an entire family making golf a part of their family activities.

For decades most professionals taught the game entirely on the range and practice putting green. The thought of introducing the game actually on the course was a concept very few even considered.  I joke with friends today that kicking over a basket of range balls and relying on extreme student dedication or magic to create new golfers was not the best approach.

During my two busiest teaching positions I was very lucky to have a Par 3 Course where I could introduce new golfers to the course and is one reason why I’m an advocate of Get Golf Ready.  PGA Professionals now recognize the value of taking new golfers onto the golf course to overcome intimidation barriers that can exist and to take that new swing onto the course for the first time.  Learning to manage your equipment and the entire on course experience while having fun with family, friends or colleagues can be overwhelming initially.  Look for PGA and LPGA Professionals that are offering Get Golf Ready and other introductory programs that include on course experiences and instruction.  It can really help you get comfortable in the game quickly.

 I’ve been lucky to teach hundreds of people the game that still play today because they started learning about the game on the course.