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How to Overcome Intimidation

Gabriella Sinkovic
Simply focus on you and the golf course
Gabriella Sinkovic, North Carolina State University PGA Golf Management Student

Series: New Golfer

Published: Monday, July 28, 2014 | 10:12 p.m.

As a beginner golfer, playing on the golf course for the first time can be intimidating and make you somewhat fearful.  On the first tee, experienced eyes are watching your every move and who knows if you’re following the rules!

Well, don’t fret! There are ways around this situation.  

Find times to play with friends that aren’t during peak times for the course.  If you have friends that want to play, choose a time after work to play nine holes when the course is relatively quiet.  

Find a group of similarly experienced golfers through your local golf course.  Ask your PGA Professional if there are groups to join.  Maybe a group of ladies play Saturday afternoon, and not only is it a better time for the course, but you’re with a group of similarly skilled golfers.  

Keep in mind anyone watching was in your shoes at one point!  Every golfer has gone through the stages of learning and frustration and the fear of onlookers… and advanced players still experience it! 

Your playing partners are either rooting you on internally or not even paying attention! Focus on where you want to see the ball travel and make it happen! As an experienced player, I’ve come to realize that nothing other players do should have any impact on what you’re trying to achieve.  

Join a Get Golf Ready program if you’re not golf course comfortable yet, and let a PGA Professional teach you the basics.  The golf course is a great place to enjoy nature and be social.  Don’t make it any more intimidating than it needs to be!