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No helmet required

PGA of America
Kids playing games at the National Jr. League Championship
PGA of America

Series: Youth Golf

Published: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 | 1:03 p.m.

Being on a team is cool, especially if you’re a kid!  Getting knocked out, however, is not so cool.  With PGA Jr. League Golf, you get all the fun factor of being on a sports team. Plus, there’s no helmet required.

Being around teammates and enjoying the fun of competition is what PGA Jr. League Golf is all about.  And you gotta love it when you can wear cool clothes that also include numbers on the jerseys! 

Crowds cheering?  Playing in a league?  A chance to play in a regional and a national championship?  We got that covered. 

But what if you haven’t played much golf?  And you don’t have a set of clubs?  We got you covered there as well!

There’s nothing better than joining a team and working hard toward a common purpose.  Sure, golf has typically been an individual sport and that’s true in many forms today.  But this new PGA Jr. League team format is the way to go for a lots of kids, and its catching on like wildfire! 

After all, it’s tough to win an individual golf event and to a dog pile on yourself, or have a water fight, or do a high-five line. 

For that, you need teammates…You need PGA Jr. League Golf!