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Making Magic on a Team

Chuck Higgins, PGA

Series: Youth Golf

Published: Tuesday, May 06, 2014 | 11:51 p.m.

Have you introduced your kids to golf but they haven’t taken to it?  Do you believe this great game would enrich their lives, careers and well-being?  Would you like to find the formula that will turn them into avid players?  Would you believe the answer is something you and your child are already VERY FAMILIAR with?

Right now the answer to your child’s untapped golf interest is standing on baseball, football and soccer fields across the country.  Basketball and volleyball courts as well.  You see, the key to getting your child engaged in the game of golf is to have them PLAY ON A TEAM!!  Why are other sport’s leagues FULL of kids?  The answer is simple and I call it the “Magic of the Team”.  During the early stages of learning a sport and prior to any significant skill acquisition, other sports allow kids to play on a team, wear a uniform, practice on actual fields of play, and COMPETE in real games.  Doesn’t matter that they are not accomplished players (do you remember what a t-ball or flag football game looks like??), what matters is they are put in an environment that has the comfort of close friends and the thrill of playing in games while wearing a team uniform.   

PGA Junior League Golf and Team Golf (think Little League Golf) both make this possible by providing the team concept in a golf environment.  Grab your kid and their closest friends and head down to your nearest PGA Golf Professional to form a team.  Don’t worry that the kids may not be “good enough to be on a team”, just like the other sports, you’ll use the magic of team to help them fall in love with golf, and once they do that, they can’t wait to get better.