Kirk R. Jones, PGA

Kirk R. Jones, PGA Professional
Lead Instructor Golf Channel Academy with Kirk Jones @ Windsor Parke Golf Club
Main Address:
Windsor Parke Golf Club
13823 Sutton Park Dr N
Jacksonville, FL 32224-4235

(904) 223-4653
13823 Sutton Park Dr N
Jacksonville, FL 32224-4235
(904) 223-4653

Kirk Jones is an accomplished player and instructor. Former NCAA All-star and Jr. College 1st team All-American. Kirk has been involved in golf instruction for 30 years. An objective and observant instructor who has taken lessons and observed many instructors who are considered tops in the field. Kirk is a pioneer in using ball flight data and life sized video. His ingenuity and logic combine to create a simple learning environment. Among his many innovations he has created a camera angle and use of a drawing line to depict the perfect fundamental swing plane and is responsible for the discovery of the 17 possible ball flight laws. His understanding of ball flight laws and how they are related to swing flaws is unparalleled in the field.

Kirk has proven and defined many things about the fundamental golf swing and several are documented in his groundbreaking DVD "The Fundamental Golf Swing Modernized and Simplified". Two texts on Golf Fundamentals reveal Kirk's innovations to learning and teaching modern golf fundamentals in a simple, logical and wildly effective fashion. Kirk has had a #1 radio show. Kirk has conducted many seminars on teaching golf for PGA members' continuing education program. In a recent survey all PGA members who attended his seminar agreed that Kirks' method of instruction should be adopted as a fundamental template for PGA instruction.

Kirk takes great pride in being one of the most effective instructors in the world. His students learn at an unprecedented pace with some having broke par in the very first year they played golf! Kirk has conducted private lessons, clinics and trick shot demonstrations to over 30,000 golfers. Certainly worthy of anyone's "top 100" list. Recently joined Golf Channel Academy as a Lead instructor and has made a couple of entertaining live appearances on The Golf Channel Morning Drive show.

Services Offered:

  • Instruction
  • Play Golf of America Participant
  • Free Fitting Month
    Welcome to Golf Month

National Awards

  • 2010 PGA President's Council on Growing the Game