Kris A. Miller, PGA

Kris A. Miller, PGA
Kris A. Miller, PGA Professional
PGA Director of Instruction
Main Address:
New Albany Links
7100 New Albany Links Dr
New Albany, OH 43054-8194

(614) 855-8532
7000 New Albany Links Dr
New Albany, OH 43054-8835
(614) 855-8532

Teaching Philosophy

While I don’t believe there is only one way to swing a golf club, I do believe there is a series of positions and moves that occur during a golf swing that will maximize the player’s efforts to impact the ball. So, if I were to be categorized, I would say I am an “impact teacher”. My first goal as an instructor is to teach the student how to return the club to the ball in the most efficient manner that impact is made in the middle of the clubface. That way they can advance the ball a sufficient distance with any club to play the game. The second goal would be to achieve “ball then ground” contact. Lastly, we focus on controlling the club face to ensure directional control of the ball. Notice my goals DO NOT include creating a picture perfect motion, only picture perfect results!

 Another main principle I hold true to is that a sound short game (shots taken from 125 and in) is paramount to scoring well. Statistics prove that even the best players in the world don’t hit all the greens in a round of golf, but they do get the ball on the green and in the hole in a reasonable number of strokes to score. That is why much of my lessons and clinics focus on chipping, pitching, putting and bunker play.

Finally, I would like every student to take away from our meetings that ultimately, we all have to take the practice and drills from the range and go play golf. Too many times I see golfers playing “golf swing” and not golf on the course. I train my students how to move in and out of the “zone” and play their most efficient and effective golf through visualization, pre-shot routine development and golf course management. The most proficient of students is one that understands the information in the lessons, works their drills until their swing is as much second nature as signing their name, and then can go out onto the golf course and

Services Offered:

  • Instruction
  • Club Fitting

National Awards

  • 2010 PGA President's Council on Growing the Game
  • 2008 PGA President's Council on Growing the Game