Yunchul Yoo

Paul Y. Yoo, PGA Professional
Teaching Professional & Club Fitter
Main Address:
Milletopia Range & Academy
252-1 Hagam-Dong

(109) 011-4650

Who is Paul Yunchul Yoo, Ph.D.?

Yunchul (a.k.a. Paul) is a PGA Class A Teaching Professional providing excellent golf instructions in Champaign, IL. His instruction is based on the PGA Manaul, traditional insights, as well as cutting-edge technologies including Foresights Sports GC2 Launch Monitor, a high speed camera-based club head monitor called HMT, and video swing analysis. He will teach you how to hit the ball straighter and further. 

Lesson Tuition

Individual Lesson: $100/45 minutes (Package Lesson of 10 Sessions: $900)

To book a lesson with Yunchul, call 010-9484-6041. 

Yunchul's Teaching Philosophy

Yunchul believes that a good teacher has the following characteristics. (1) A good teacher creates a relationship with each student in which the student is self-motivated and makes progress towards his goals and the teacher and the student both enjoy the journey. (2) A good teacher evaluates the student’s learning style (left-brain, right-brain, analytical, visual, or kinetic) in the first one-hour lesson and draws a blueprint for the student’s progress with short-term and long-term goals. (3) A good teacher gives information in such small dose that the student never feels that he cannot handle the new movements, but always feels accomplished in his game to continue on the path to the goal. (4) A good teacher has a keen eye to diagnose the student’s swing issues and prescribe cures so the student can hit the ball straighter and further after each lesson. (5) Finally, a good teacher maximizes the student's benefits by using cutting edge technologies including launch monitors, high speed cameras, and video swing analysis programs. 

Services Offered:

  • Instruction
  • Club Fitting
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