The 2004 Senior PGA Championship
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Interview with Wayne Levi

May 29, 2004

Q. Very nice playing.

WAYNE LEVI: Thank you.

Q. Some thoughts on your round? Opening thoughts on how you played today?

WAYNE LEVI: Well, I didn?t play exceptionally well, I made a few good putts starting out and got -- when we started on the 10th hole, at what? 6, 6:05 or something like that. Didn?t hit too many good shots but I got it around the edges of the greens and got it up-and-down, made a few putts until I got it going. And I sprinkled in a few birdies here and there. I birdied 18, which is my last hole of the morning round. So I?m not hitting it great, but this is a tough golf course, and you got to watch yourself out there.

Q. It seemed yesterday you got going and it seemed like you eagled 10, that seemed to really kind of get you going.

WAYNE LEVI: Yeah, I got off to a poor start yesterday, too. Because I didn?t get to play a few of the holes on the front nine. But when I got out there I didn?t have a good feel for where to aim and kind of the how far the ball was going to carry and the depth percepifon out there was kind of strange to me. So I didn?t have a good feel, but once I got into the round and got started hitting a few more, some better shots and getting a little more comfortable out there on the fairways, I made a few birdies coming in and that kind of turned my round around.

Q. How many holes did you get through in your second round?

WAYNE LEVI: All but the 18th. Well, you mean this morning? The round we?re playing today? The latest round?

Q. Yeah, the second.

WAYNE LEVI: Yeah, I?m on the third tee. So I?ve played 11 holes.

Q. Talk about going to bed as the leader in this tournament at this point?

WAYNE LEVI: Well, there?s a lot of golf to play yet. All these disruptions with the tee times and coming out early and finishing late, it?s just a grind. You just got to be -- you just got to pace yourself and not get upset because there?s a lot of crap going on out there and you get in bad lies and crap all over the ball and wet and it?s a long, long walk, especially when it?s all wet like this, you know. My feet are sore and it?s just a whole bunch of stuff going on, so you just got to play as best you can.

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