The 2004 Senior PGA Championship
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Interview with Gil Morgan

May 29, 2004

Q. Tell us about your round since I last talked to you.

GIL MORGAN: Well, it wasn?t too spectacular. I didn?t play nearly as well, obviously. I did make one birdie and no bogeys on the front. And then I got to hit my drive at 10. So that?s where I am right now for the restart in the morning. I don?t know, I just probably am a little tired, I would think. My shot making wasn?t not nearly as good as it was early in the day. So that?s about it in a nutshell.

Q. Well, you?re in second place, that?s a good place to be.

GIL MORGAN: Well, it?s not too bad. I?ve been worse. That?s for sure.

Q. Talk about the layoff and probably you wanted to keep playing all night the way you were playing.

GIL MORGAN: I didn?t get much sleep last night for one thing. And then having to sit around all day, I think that tired us out a little bit. And then it?s, hard walking when it?s soft like that. So it?s a little harder and my heel?s bothering me a little bit, so I was kind of tippy-toeing out there.

Q. Talk about not only playing 8 and a half tomorrow but perhaps even starting that third round.

GIL MORGAN: Well, I don?t think it will be much different than today. It?s just the situation that you just do whatever they call for in that regard. But hopefully I?ll be a little fresher and I might not have to play as many holes, you never know.

Q. Do you like where you stand right now?

GIL MORGAN: Well, right now I can?t be too disappointed with where my positioning is though, you know, it?s not stellar, compared to the rest, but, hey, I?m pretty satisfied with it at this point

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