2013 Senior PGA Championship




Q. Minus 2, talk about your round today.

JAY DON BLAKE:  I hit it better today.  Yesterday I struggled a little bit.  Today I hit a lot better.  Didn't putt very good today.  I had some chances to make some birdies.  I just seemed like when I did make a birdie, I would follow up with a bogey.

Then the par 5s, I made a couple birdies on those.  So it was kind of a ho hum round.

Q.  Overall pretty consistent round for the day?

JAY DON BLAKE:  Yeah.  I liked the way I started to hit the ball.  Need to work on the putting a little bit.  See if I can get some balls to go in the hole on the weekend.

Q.  How do you feel heading into Saturday and Sunday?

JAY DON BLAKE:  If I start hitting it the way I hit it today, I would like to continue with that and then kind of get some confidence early in the round, maybe put up a good low number and kind of put some good scores on the weekend, see if we can put a good chase on it.

Q.  How about the weather here today?

JAY DON BLAKE:  I don't know how perfect a day you can, it can't get any better than what it was today.  It was really nice out there.  Really comfortable.


Q. Talk about your round.  It looks like you're going to make the cut on the number.  Your thoughts on your round.

ROGER CHAPMAN:  I haven't played very well this week.  So yeah, if I make the cut it's a bonus, but it's just one of those things.  Never got it going at all today.  Missed a couple of short putts on the No. 1 and number 3.  One for par, one for birdie, which is my back nine.  And then I made a stupid mistake on 5 to double bogey that there.

And then sort of just tried to hang in there, but I birdied ... good up and down on 8 for birdie.

And then just dropped one at the last.  Which sort of summed the day up.

Q.  What are your thoughts then on moving day tomorrow?  What are you going to have to do?

ROGER CHAPMAN:  I'm going to have to get into red figures, if I make the cut.  The cut was 68 or something.  That would go down well.  But the way I'm playing, that would be a miracle.


Q. Can you talk a little bit about your round today and how it went?

LOREN ROBERTS:  Oh, it was, I think I had about 23 or 24, 24 putts today, I think.  So I was all over the place, but got it up and down from every where.  So didn't hit it real good, but I really chipped and putted the ball good.  My short game was exemplary and that's what got me where I'm at right now.

Q.  What do you think of some of the pin positions out there today?

LOREN ROBERTS:  I thought they were good.  I thought they were very fair.  On some holes you had to challenge it.  That's what this golf course is.  The greens are very, very challenging.  You have to hit a perfect iron shot or you're going to have to really work on lagging your putt up close.

Q.  How do you feel heading into the weekend?

LOREN ROBERTS:  Well I got to start hitting the ball a little better if I'm going to have a chance.  I got it up and down probably seven times today from just really tough places.  And I made some, I made, probably made three or four putts from 10 or 12 feet for pars today.  So that ain't going to keep you going.  You got to hit the ball better than that.  So I'm going to go work on it a little bit right now.


Q. Talk about your round.  I know you had birdies on 2 and 8 coming in.

FRED FUNK:  Yeah.  Yeah.  2 and 8.  I was struggling today.  I had ... I got vertigo when I got here and I'm really spinning and not feeling good and I just gutted it out.  So I was pretty sloppy today.

Q.  Big difference in the way the course played today versus yesterday?

FRED FUNK:  Yeah, it's a lot dryer.  It's playing great.  Really good.  Had a couple really good pins out there and considering it all I played really well.  I missed a lot of putts and I hit a couple sloppy shots here and there, but overall I guess I was lucky to play, the way I felt.  So this is twice this year I've had vertigo and I don't know what the deal is.  It's hard to play when you're dizzy.  It's hard to play when you're healthy.

Q.  How about last thoughts for tomorrow?

FRED FUNK:  I just, if can I start feeling better, I'm playing good, I'm just, I have to shoot a couple of those 5 under rounds or better each round to get back in there, like Kenny and Russ did.  I think they're calling for pretty good weather.  So today was perfect, so.  I just got to go low.


Q. How are you feeling after your round?

GENE SAUERS:  I'm pretty upset.  I lost it.  What did I have?  I had about three or four bogeys.  And I made a triple bogey and still managed to shoot even par.  So I it kind of kept me in the game anyway.

Q.  Can you talk about the crazy start today, bogey, eagle, birdie, bogey, triple, birdie.

GENE SAUERS:  Yeah, just, I had a good tee shot on 1 and I had mud on the ball and it kind of went left on me.  And I made bogey there.

Then I had 80 yards to the flag on number 11.  I sucked it in the, sucked it on back probably about 20 feet coming on back right in the hole.

Then I make birdie on the next hole out of a bunker and made it.

And then I had an 8 iron and pulled it left in the bunker and made bogey there.  Didn't make a very good bunker shot there.

And then hit left off the tee and then I made a drop and then I hit it down there and I tried to flop it up and landed in the bunker and then went over the green, made triple.  So then came back with a birdie.  I hit it in the right rough, hit 6 iron in there about pin high, 15 feet.

Q.  Mentally, after up down, up down, all front nine, how do you comeback from something like that?  Each hole?  You just try stay strong no matter what's going on?

GENE SAUERS:  Trying to.  I kind of put myself under the pressure because I didn't really know what the cut line was.  I was going, what the heck is going on here.  I was up and down.  And I got to start all over, I thought.

Q.  You're 1 under and in contention.  So on a positive note, you got a shot.

GENE SAUERS:  Right.  I got a shot.  If I just play smart tomorrow.  I'm not really ... I'm really, I got to go to the range right now, I'm not really hitting the ball that good.  I'm missing a lot of fairways and that's not me.  I usually hit a lot of fairways and greens and today I just didn't do that.

Q.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day out here?

GENE SAUERS:  It was nice and cool, didn't even break a sweat all day.  The weather is supposed to be good tomorrow.  Maybe get a little bit of rain but I think it's going to be good.


Q. Talk about your round.  I know you had six birdies and can you talk about the four in a row that you had, 11, 12, 13, 14?

BOB TWAY:  I, they had the tee way up on 11 and I hit a 6 iron off the tee and a sand wedge close.

Then I made a good putt at No. 12.  About 20 footer.

Then I hit next two shots real close.  I hit it up three feet on 13 and three feet on 14.  So all of a sudden I had four in a row.

So I played real steady the rest of the time, I actually had a lot of birdie opportunities on the front.  And I got to the 6th hole and really didn't hit that bad of a shot, I just pushed it a hair and it caught on the bank and rolled down in the water.  And being a yellow hazard you got to go back behind it, so I made double there.  But I made a real nice putt on 7 and birdied 8.  So at least I get to play some more.

Q.  You got to be pretty happy that you jumped back on right side of the cut?

BOB TWAY:  Yeah, yeah.  So that was good.

Q.  What are your thoughts going into tomorrow and the for the rest of the weekend?

BOB TWAY:  Well, we'll just see.

Q.  You're 1 over.

BOB TWAY:  I'll just see what I can do.


Q. How is it playing in front of family and friends here today?

TOM WARGO:  Well, it's always enjoyable to coming back to St. Louis and see ... and the surrounding area, I played all my golf in this area and I mean it was nice to see the people that I haven't seen for a year being on the road for the last 20 years, it's awful nice to see them and to have some of the people coming out of the crowd that I haven't seen in a long time.  It's very nice.  I enjoyed it.  It felt good to see them.

Q.  Talk about your round today.  35 on the back and 42 on the front.

TOM WARGO:  Well, I just got off to a bad start.  I hit some bad irons, I played extremely well basically and in the two days, but I drove it really good enough to be probably in contention to make the cut, but my irons were just terrible.  I probably made three, I think I made three doubles and a quad off my irons.  So that kind of kept us behind the 8 ball all the time.  The irons, I struggled with them all the tournament.

Q.  Beautiful week here for golf.

TOM WARGO:  Oh, you can't ask for anything better.  The spectators are having a great week.  I hope the people show up.  This is always a good golf town and they will show up tomorrow and Sunday.  They like to see good golf and these boys will show them some golf here on this golf course.


Q. When you look at your round today what do you think?

JAY HAAS:  I'm disappointed with 72.  I don't feel like I played much differently than yesterday's round.  I didn't putt nearly as well.  And then around the greens I was not sharp at all.  The bladed bunker shot at 16 cost me two strokes.  Basically two strokes at the next hole too.  Didn't get up and down from a green side bunker and took me four to get up and down.  So double bogey, bogey there, that was ... neither one was an easy bunker shot, but basically cost myself two strokes right there.

And just another short putt at number 5.  Missed a nice makeable putt at 6 and 7.  But all that being said, 4 under after two day, I'm still pleased.  Certainly wish I was a little bit closer, but overall the way I felt ... my back's starting to feel a little bit better, so I'm encouraged that it's going to get better for the weekend.

Q.  And three back with two rounds to play you're confident?

JAY HAAS:  Well, I don't want to say confident, but certainly not out of it.  That's not a, it's not a huge hill if I play well.  But the guys that are up there, they're long hitters, great players, and so they will be difficult to beat.  But I'm within striking distance, certainly need a couple rounds in the 60s, I would say.

Q.  Were conditions pretty benign?

JAY HAAS:  Beautiful day.  I can't imagine a better playing day than it was today.  The course was, is starting to dry out again continuing to get dryer as we play, so the scores were, I don't know if they're any better today, the consistency of it, throughout the field, but would I think the bulk of the players that the top of the leaderboards showed that there were quite a few 3, 4, 5 under par.

Q.  Duffy Waldorf felt like the course was tougher today and the comment he made is, it's starting to feel more like a Major Championship.

JAY HAAS:  Yeah, well he played the morning when it was a little cooler.  I think the course maybe played a little bit longer.  A little breezier.  But I guess I could say the same thing, it was six shots harder for me today.  But tee to green I wasn't that much different.  Again, the shot at 16 was kind of a shocker and then 17 I kind of over compensated, made sure I wasn't going to blade it again and chunked it in the fringe there and didn't get up and down.  So it's just a couple mistake, but overall I felt like I could have been 68 or 69 pretty easily.

Q.  And you had a chance there at 18.

JAY HAAS:  Yeah, at 9 I hit a, I got a close putt, 14, 15 feet there putting straight up the hill and just pulled it a little bit.  But that's a pretty hard hole.  It was just good to hit a good drive there and have opportunity for birdie.  And I need to drive it better, need to drive it straighter and a little bit longer to give myself some opportunities.  Because the fairways are great, I love hitting off the zoysia.  I just need to do it more often.

Q.  I followed you for about seven or eight holes and I think I met probably 20 people who claim they knew you from junior high school or they lived across the street and they were your cousin or something.  Do you see all these people and how many of them are actually 

JAY HAAS:  There's quite a few that I've seen.  I haven't made face to face contact with them, but I look across the fairway I see them and I kind of remember them and there's certainly people that I stayed in touch with over the years that I see, I've seen out here for a couple days, but, yeah, there's a lot of people out here that I have run across in my 59 years.

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