2013 senior pga



Q. Will you give us a few initial comments on your round today? 

DAN FORSMAN:  I played with a fine club pro, Mark Mielke from Long Island.  I was impressed.  He got three birdies on the front nine and turned at 5 under for the tournament.  And at that point I didn't know how he was figuring in, but I figured he was doing pretty well. 

And I saw where Kenny Perry is continuing his good play.  So he was right in the mix. 

I was having trouble kind of keeping pace.  I shot even on the front.  I bogeyed 10.  10 played really hard.  Missed a short putt for par. 

But I came back and birdied 12 to get back to even. 

And I birdied 17 to shoot 1 under on the day.  I made a nice save at 18 to shoot 1 under. 

So 3 under for the tournament, I know these guys are 9 under, but a golf course like this, like Mark said, if you get off to a good start, shoot three or four birdies early and get on that board climbing early and get some excitement going your way, there's no telling what could happen, so.

Q.  How did the rain today affect the conditions out there?

DAN FORSMAN:  Softened the greens a little bit.  And the wind blew kind of tricky after the rain.  It seemed like it was swirling out there, the club selection was a little bit more challenging.  But the golf course played very similar. 

The lone difference I suppose was the greens were a little slower because of the moisture.


Q. There may be stretches where it's not so good and so forth, but you're holding your own in this championship and as is Mark Mielke.  So that's great to see the club professionals doing that well.  How would you evaluate your week to this point?

SONNY SKINNER:  Well, this is only my fourth senior Major, and it's the best one I've ever had, so I can't be too disappointed. 

It is my 17th Champions Tour event and it's the best I've ever done.  So even though I would love to be a little closer to the top, I'm not too terribly disappointed.  I'm realistic and hopefully though can I have a magical round tomorrow. 

Q.  You balanced it out with birdies and bogeys today.  So you were able to not let anything get in really bad and let things slip on you?

SONNY SKINNER:  That's correct.  Didn't make any doubles, triples or quads.  That's always a nice thing.  Fred's a really nice fellow to play with.  He's relaxed.  And he makes you feel comfortable.  And we talked and joked about as we walked around as we talked about all sorts of neat things.  I kind of felt like I was out playing with one of my members.

Q.  Neat.  It's a fun time to have a partner like that.  Isn't it?

SONNY SKINNER:  Absolutely.

Q.  Just your general feeling right now about how your game's come around for this week particularly, because you've had a limited amount of competition before you got here.  And your feelings about have you managed yourself well, have you thought well during the process on some of these tough holes?

SONNY SKINNER:  I know I can do better.  But I have managed my patience.  Sometimes I can be very temper mental and I have been in spots this week.  But I haven't played a tremendous amount, so I can't be too disappointed. 

Q.  What particular hole today might have kept your round together?  Any particular one hole out there that you might describe?

SONNY SKINNER:  I think the 7th hole.  I hit my tee shot, I 3 putt the fifth, after hitting two beautiful shots to the green and then I hit a really solid shot to the sixth and it bounces over the green and goes in the bunker and I had the long delay and I came out and the bunker shot checked, the putt didn't roll out, and then to back it up with a birdie on the next hole, I was really starting to moan and groan there under my breath.  And I made a birdie.  And I was like, okay, it's not all bad. 

But then the 8th, and then the 9th, I was able to make nice par saves even.  Didn't hit the ball good.  So I had a number of nice par putts, just like I did the first day, but I managed to score better the first day.  It's been a scramble all three days, I have not hit the ball well.  So inside of me I feel like I have one day that I can hit the ball good.  So hopefully that will be tomorrow. 

Q.  You're enjoying obviously with your caddie here and the family and the way things are going well there. 

SONNY SKINNER:  My caddie, I couldn't have met up with a nicer gentleman.  Craig's been super extremely supportive and encouraging and especially giving me a nice comfortable house to stay in and I've especially enjoyed their company for sure.


Q. I know you didn't like the way things turned out on the back nine, but you roared off to a great start.  Are you almost on the precipice of trying to turn this around and then finish strongly tomorrow?

MARK MIELKE:  Yeah, I hit a couple weak drives on the back nine.  Got me into trouble.  I got right up against a tree root in there and had to chip out.  I made bogey. 

Q.  Which hole was that?

MARK MIELKE:  That was 14.  It was in between 3 wood or driver off the tee.  And I hit driver and I didn't go after it and I hit a bleeder out to the right.  It was a bad swing.  I made bogey. 

And I knew I had the tough holes still to play after that.  So it was tough back nine.  Especially bogeying 18.  I hit two good shots on 18 and make bogey.  But that's what the golf course is like.  It's easy to make a bogey. 

But, no, I mean, you know, I played good on the front.  I played real good on the front and told myself just not to look at the leaderboard and just keep playing.  And it was good.  It was good. 

So, hopefully, tomorrow I'll hit it solid, hit a lot of fairways and get some chances for birdies.

Q.  Initially you told us a couple days ago that this course fit your eye and reminded you a lot of courses that you see in the Met Section and some of the competitions you have, it leaves you a little more comfortable, obviously with the surroundings with what you've seen?

MARK MIELKE:  Absolutely.  I love the golf course.  It's spectacular.  It really is.  It does suit my eye.  It's very similar to what we play in that Met Section a lot.  Westchester, Long Island has a lot of courses like this. 

So, yeah, I'm comfortable out here.  But it's a Major and you're trying to tell yourself that it's not a Major.  Dan was great to play with today.  We had a good time.  It was a lot of fun.

Q.  Is there any one part of the game that you feel tonight you have to really concentrate on and think about before you play tomorrow?

MARK MIELKE:  The two drivers I lost right, I normally hit a lot of fairways and those just seemed to really cross me.  I mean I have been struggling on No. 9.  I hit a great drive on 9.  I actually made birdie there today.  That's been a hole that's really been killing me.

And then 10, I bogeyed 10 every day.  Today I hit a good drive on 10, I got it in the fairway and I hit it over the green in the back bunker didn't get up and down.  Made bogey there. 

So I got to figure out a way to par 10.

Q.  That will be the difference. 

MARK MIELKE:  That will be the difference.  And I got to keep on hitting it the way I'm hitting it and just not think about that I'm playing a Major, just say I'm playing with my buddies at home and not get caught up into all the hoopla. 

Q.  This has been a good year for, obviously this week has been a great one for the club professionals, they're holding their own, they're showing up on the leaderboard from time to time, so that's a good thing to show everybody back home what's happening here. 

MARK MIELKE:  Absolutely.  Thank goodness the PGA of America had 35 spots for us.  I was on that last, I was going to play off to get in, so, yeah, it does, it shows that even 35 guys in this event, they can compete.  So I think that's important, because I think that, you know, if nobody made the cut and nobody's competing, you know, it wouldn't be as strong for us.  So I'm really glad that some of the other guys are playing well and it does, it does show that the PGA club professionals can play. 


Q. So was today Jeff Coston golf?


Q.  Was today Jeff Coston golf?

JEFF COSTON:  Oh, not as much as I wanted it to be.  It was crazy, you know, things were fine and then they had the rain delay, right?  And I was in the fairway on number 4 in the rain delay and the group behind me, Tom Watson and the other guy were like right there.  So it's like we all kind of got behind.  And I felt man it was like a track meet there until a hole like 15 or 14.  It was like, whoa.  So I couldn't really get the rhythm I wanted.  So that was challenging for me. 

Q.  You had 10 1 putts today?

JEFF COSTON:  Did I?  I like that.  I'm going to remember that. 

Q.  Was that in a result of scrambling?

JEFF COSTON:  I can't even remember, man.  I can't even remember.  I pitched the ball really well.  So that really helped me a lot.  I pitched the ball really well.  So I had a lot of probably five footers for par and stuff like that.  I made all those. 

Q.  Back to back birdies, 16 and 17.  Tell me a little bit about those two holes.  Especially 17. 

JEFF COSTON:  Well, 16 was like the wind's blowing pretty good, it's 204 yards to the hole.  Right?  And it was like, man, the wind's blowing hard, I can't get a 4 iron there.  And my next thought was my 5 wood.  So I pulled out that 5 wood, choked up on that puppy and carved it in there and I birdied it yesterday also.  So, man, I might need to play that hole every day.  So, yeah, that was serious. 

Then on 17, I hit a drive kind of in the 18th fairway.  Don't tell anybody.  But so it's like, I get a drop because of all the restrooms and things like that and I said, man, I'm going to hit it down the fairway.  And so I thought I would do this and be able to hit it over the trees.  And my lie was so bad I had to hit it under the trees.  And I thought it's going to take a half hour to remove all those poses.  So I thought man I'm going to go for it.  And I hit it up there and about six feet from the hole.  So people went crazy and that was a lot of fun.

Q.  And a great save on 18 to end your round. 


Q.  That was a heck of a shot?

JEFF COSTON:  That's right, man, we ought to have a short game clinic or something like that.  Put it on video or something.

Q.  Sitting in 21st place, how are you feeling going into tomorrow?

JEFF COSTON:  Again, I just want to play Jeff Coston golf and hit some fairway, hit some greens, and do my thing.  Like play golf like it doesn't matter.  21st doesn't matter, 1st doesn't matter fiftieth doesn't matter.  That's been my thing this week.  How would you hit this shot if you didn't care so much?  How would you hit this shot if it didn't matter?  That would be a different approach to the game, rather than trying so hard, right?  I think most golfers try too hard and take too long and I'm trying to just react to the target and take less time and have more fun. 

When I was on the TOUR I didn't do that so well, so that's what I'm doing to teach my students, I talked to one of my students last night on the phone, a wonderful girl golfer who is going to play college golf next year and she finished third in the state high school and she's better than the scores she shot and called her on the phone and said, hey, you know what, I'm just pretending like I'm playing with you on Saturday morning and trying less and playing to play great rather than playing to not play poorly.  And I had another one of my girl students who is going to the same the university next year.

Q.  Where?

JEFF COSTON:  Western Washington University.  And so she texted me and said, hey, I'm in the last group, I'm three shots back, and I texted her back, I said well, and it was during the Washington Open on Wednesday, I said I'm in the last group and I'm three shots back, but I'm just pretending I'm not in the last group and I'm not trying to win the tournament, I'm just going to go play with you on Saturday morning.  Play like it doesn't matter.  And so I think that that's important for everyone.  Whether you're a playing in your club championship or your best ball or playing in your husband and wife whatever, it's just that is huge.  And that would be something that I wish we all had a pill to take for that.


Q. Can you just talk about your round today. 

TOM WATSON:  My round was, I shot 72.  I left some shots out there.  I hit a bad drive at    didn't drive the ball well today, compared to what I did yesterday.  And it put me in the rough a few times and I didn't get the ball up and down very well today and I didn't make very many putts today.  So today was just, it was a dull day on the golf course.  It wasn't very exciting. 

Q.  Did the weather delay affect things at all?

TOM WATSON:  No.  No.  I was in good shape.  My body didn't stiffen up or anything like that.  At our age that's what you worry about, whether your body's going to react after sitting down for a couple hours, if it's going to react differently.

Q.  And how do you feel the course held up after the rain?

TOM WATSON:  Well, I thought it was pretty for giving, really.  I thought that the scores reflected it and they're going to shoot some    they shot some good scores out there today.  And that, the golf course has given up some. 

Q.  Your thoughts heading into the final round tomorrow?

TOM WATSON:  Well, I better shoot in the mid 60s to have any sort of chance at all.  I hit some pretty good shots, I can't complain, but the putter didn't react very well    first day I made everything, so maybe I'm just averaging everything out right now. 


Q. Start with your round today. 

PETER SENIOR:  I played a lot better today.  Hit 16 or 17 greens today.  So a big difference from yesterday. 

I had a lot of opportunities today and didn't make any.  I made a lot of putts yesterday when I played badly, but really wasted quite a few out there and it could have put me in a good position for tomorrow. 

But if I play like I did today and hole a few putts I still have a chance, I think.

Q.  How did the weather affect your play at all today?

PETER SENIOR:  No, not really.  The course has been playing pretty good.  Fairways are great and greens are good too. 

If you play well, you get rewarded around here. 

Q.  And then just your thoughts heading into the final round.  It looks like you're currently fifth place?

PETER SENIOR:  Need to get off to a good start tomorrow.  I haven't been starting very well.  I bogeyed the first couple holes in the last couple of rounds.  So you need a bit of momentum.  Those first four holes tomorrow, if you can make a couple of birdies to start and then maybe turn maybe 3  or 4 under the front nine you got a chance.

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