2013 Senior PGA Championship



Q. Well, did we play Jeff Coston golf today?

JEFF COSTON: Front nine. I was doing my thing and all that kind of jazz.

And the back nine I would have to say, no, I struggled  I'll just try to remember the front nine and all the nice people I met and the great golf course and all that jazz, right? So that's where I'm at.

Q. Great start, birdie on 1 and 4. You had things going there early on.

JEFF COSTON: It's a great golf course, it rewards really good golf shots. And I felt like I hit a lot of really good golf shots and was doing my thing and I was really happy about that.

I made a couple mistakes and here I am.

Q. What happened on the back today?

JEFF COSTON: I could have driven the ball a little bit better. So ... and then I didn't play the last hole poorly, I hit a really nice drive on the last hole and my ball released up that hill and that was a difficult first putt. I would like to have made the second putt.

Q. Talk about your experience in these four days here.

JEFF COSTON: I made some good friends, met a lot of nice people. Got to reconnect with some people that I don't see much. There's a lot of great people in golf.

So I'm really appreciative of the PGA for the opportunity to play in this event. It's been neat. I played in both the regular and the senior last couple, three years. So it's kind of neat for a broken down old club pro.

Q. The amount of times you get in competitive experience, for at least 54 or more holes, you're pretty solid out there. About 63 holes you were pretty solid.

JEFF COSTON: Thank you.

Q. On a positive note what would it mean to be the low club professional of this tournament?

JEFF COSTON: Fortunately, I was the low club pro in 2007. It's a great thing. There's a lot of great players in the world. There's a lot of great players that are club pros and there's a lot of great players in this golf tournament, obviously. And I just am thankful for the chance to be a part of it.


Q. Some days everything goes right and other days nothing goes right?

ROGER CHAPMAN: I just had two bad shots on 5, just pushed my tee shot on 5, it hit a tree and then went down into the water on 6. I took a 7 there.

Then pushed my tee shot on 6 went in the same water. So I dropped five shots there. And that was  and then you try and force it and you make other mistakes, you go for birdies and miss putts back and, but it's one of those days.

Q. Summarize the experience of defending?

ROGER CHAPMAN: Yeah, the year's been fantastic. The PGA of America looked after me, unbelievably. Julius Mason and the media team have done anything that I've wanted or asked for. They have been brilliant. And whoever wins today will have the time of their life. It's just a wonderful experience.

Q. How would you describe the experience?

ROGER CHAPMAN: It's brilliant. All the crowds were great. Everybody was so friendly. The course for me was a bit obviously  the way I was playing it was a bit tough, but it's been a wonderful experience.

Everybody at Bellerive has been fabulous. We had the Champion's Dinner on Tuesday night and the chef, Kevin, cooked a fantastic meal. I have no complaints, apart from the way I played. So that's it.

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