2013 Senior PGA Championship


Q. Low round of the tournament. What do you have to say about that one?

JIM RUTLEDGE: Well, I floundered for the first 27 holes in the tournament and then I really got it going on the back nine.

And then yesterday I made some silly errors on the front nine on the par 5s.

And then after that, after even the rain delay, we sort of clicked into gear. And even today we knew that we had a good score out there, because we put together some good stretches of holes, we just hadn't put it all together at once. But today was the day.

Q. Five birdies on the front.

JIM RUTLEDGE: Yeah. God playing partner too. I played with Billy Glasson, great guy, and we just sort of drag each other along, you know what I mean. We're rooting for each other. And that really helps.

Q. It wasn't always the easiest though, you had some nice saves, up and downs.

JIM RUTLEDGE: We hit it in a couple spots there where we had some difficult up and downs, but we managed to chip it close and never had, never had any real long putts for pars, you know, nothing, just 2 footers, 3 footers for par and that last hole about a 5 footer for par which was a good save there.

Q. You had 11 1 putts. Is that just from scrambling and trying to save par?

JIM RUTLEDGE: Today, no, I think I hit a lot of greens today. I'm not sure exactly, but the first few days it was like miss a green by a foot, miss a green by a foot and always chipping, chipping, chipping, and sometimes from the wrong spot.

Today I put my ball it in a good place and got off to a good start and I think that that was a key to a good day.

Q. At 16 you chipped to within what, a couple inches it looked like there?

JIM RUTLEDGE: Up the hill there? Yeah. From the front edge of the green. That was very difficult because there was no wind and we changed clubs. We went back almost two clubs there all of a sudden, because the wind was zipping down 17 fairway across 16 green. But hit a good chip up there about a foot and a half and the same with 17 about a foot and a half.

Q. Because you were ready to tee off and you went and changed clubs?

JIM RUTLEDGE: The wind just picked up like crazy, it changed almost two clubs almost right away.

Q. What was the big difference after the first 27 holes?

JIM RUTLEDGE: I just knew I liked this golf course and that I shouldn't be going home. I felt that I was just hanging on, hanging on, and I knew I was playing good enough, but I just wasn't just getting it in the right spot and making a couple silly errors.

And we knew that we shouldn't be going home from this golf tournament so early. And we just kicked it into gear. My wife kicked me into gear, you might say.

Q. Who's on your bag today?

JIM RUTLEDGE: My wife. Has been for the last few years now. And she put the pedal to the metal there and got me going.

Q. Are you going to take high Canadian honors?

JIM RUTLEDGE: I don't know. I hope Rod has a good day. I only wish the best for him, he's a good guy.

Q. What's your wife's name?


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