2013 senior pga

Quick Quotes from JOEL EDWARDS

Q. Talk about your round a little bit.  I know you had birdies on 7, 11, 13. 

JOEL EDWARDS:  Yeah.  It was a weird day.  I just I think I 3 putted on No. 6, but I hit it from 90 feet, so it's not really the putter's fault.  But I also 2 putted from 90 feet twice. 

So it was a good day.  It could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse.

Q.  The course change after the rain or how much did it?  Did you get any mud balls or anything?

JOEL EDWARDS:  No.  No.  There was a little bit, but nothing    it wasn't bad at all.  It's there, it's just a hard course.  It's just hard. 

Q.  Looks like you're going to be right around the Top 10.  What are your thoughts going into tomorrow now?

JOEL EDWARDS:  It's exciting.  So have a good round tomorrow and that would be a lot of fun.  So that's what you're looking for is to play as solid as you can.

Q.  Do you have a number in mind?

JOEL EDWARDS:  No.  No.  You just got to play good.  If you play good, it will pay for itself.

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