2013 senior pga

An Interview with: KENNY PERRY

KELLY ELBIN:  Kenny Perry, the leader after three rounds of the 74th Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid.  Kenny shot 68 today.  10 under par for the championship.  Two stroke lead over Jay Haas.  Kenny, quite an interesting stretch of holes from numbers 4 through 9 today.  And good day all around to get into a 68.  Congratulations on the play and thoughts on the round. 

KENNY PERRY:  Very happy with the score.  I went from boring golf yesterday to exciting golf today, I guess.  I don't know.  I was feast or famine out there. 

I felt good.  I felt okay.  The delay kind of threw me off a little bit.  I had two and a half hours, I was all ready to go and then I could sit around a couple hours before we could play.  But all in all pretty pleased the that I could shoot 3 you had under.  I had some magic out there with the wedge.  I holed a shot on 4 and impossible, had a baseball swing, third shot out of a bunker and it went in the hole.  I don't know how I did it.  And so that's kind of that kind of relaxed me for the rest of the day and set the tone for the day. 

KELLY ELBIN:  Can you ever recall making a shot like you did on 4? 

KENNY PERRY:  Never.  Never.  No.  No.  Not when you're aiming 40, 60, like a 20 yard chip shot 40 yards right of the flag.  It was an interesting shot.  I just was trying to get it on the green and got lucky.  It came out perfect and rolled in like a putt.  So it's nice to have something go my way.

KELLY ELBIN:  Yes, sir.  Open it up for questions. 

Q.  You obviously are on top of the leaderboard going into the final round.  You've been in big, big events, Majors and this position before.  What do you draw on now?  How do you approach tomorrow mentally?

KENNY PERRY:  Hopefully do the same thing.  I lost the Masters and I lost the PGA.  I had great shots on the Regular Tour to win.  So I've won 14 times on the Regular Tour, a couple times on the Champions Tour.  So I'm a streaky player.  I really am.  When I get in these streaks, I'll win three or four times in a year or I'll disappear for a couple years.  And hopefully this can be the start of a streak for me. 

I played beautifully for three rounds of golf, I'm just going to go out there and play like I did, I have all my whole life.  And point and shoot and I'm going to just try my best to win.  And if it doesn't, it's not going to be the end of the world. 

That Masters loss put a big dent in my life, but, so this right here, this is awesome, and I'm just going to try to do my best and hopefully the cards will fall my way this time. 

Q.  One more thing about the shot on 4.  Obviously it's not a shot you practice.  Or even could practice if you wanted to.  You just have to improvise that?  Just talk about how you figured out where to aim and how to hit that?

KENNY PERRY:  Well, I took a couple practice swings similar to what the shot was going to do, just to kind of feel my balance and footing.  And I have a 64 degree wedge.  So when you play a lot of the loft like that it's going to make the ball go even further to the left.  The more loft you play. 

So I was just aiming in the gallery out to the right of the green.  And just trying to chop it up there somewhere and when I hit it man it went straight toward the flag.  I knew it was going to go left but I didn't realize it would go left that far. 

And it had great loft on it.  Great height.  And it hit and checked a little bit and rolled right in there like a putt.  I mean, I couldn't do that, I couldn't stand there all day and do that again.  It was just, that was a one in a million shot. 

Q.  I heard Jay Haas on television said your game's and his is quite a bit different.  You hit it much longer against him I wondered if you played with him before and?

KENNY PERRY:  A lot.  Played a lot with Jay.

Q.  And how that will be? 

KENNY PERRY:  It's a great pairing.  He's a great guy.  I think the world of him, Jan, his wife and his kids.  They're just good people.  And he's got a big heart.  He's got a great putting stroke.  I love watching him putt.  So it will be a battle.  I don't hit many drivers out there on the golf course, so I'm hitting a lot of 5 woods and irons and 3 woods, trying to get it in position.  So I don't think length is a big premium on this golf course. 

There's a couple holes, like number 5 and maybe 15, those are two big straight away par 4s, you really need to get it out there to where you can get some irons in your hand to get it around the flag.  But other than that you're kind of hitting a lot of position shots out here and trying to keep it in play. 

So I don't think it's going to be a big difference.  I'm going probably be hitting it in the same spot he is on a lot of those holes and it's definitely going to be an iron and putting contest tomorrow. 

KELLY ELBIN:  You played the par 5s in 8 under par.  Does that speak to your length off the tee and having those opportunities to knock it on in two, etcetera.

KENNY PERRY:  Well, it helps.  I knocked it on 8 in two and then I got lucky and holed it out of the bunker    well it wasn't in the bunker, on the side of that hill on 4.  But it does help.  But you got to get it in the fairway. 

If you hit it in the rough, you're not going to be able to attack the greens.  And I've driven it in that left rough on 17 every day.  So I can't seem to find that fairway.  That's    I haven't been able to go for that green.  So that's been, that's kind of been disappointing. 

But yeah, length is always a positive.  If you can get it in the fairway.  There's no doubt about it. 

KELLY ELBIN:  Kenny Perry, the leader after three rounds.  Thank you, Kenny.

KENNY PERRY:  All right.  Thank you.

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