2013 Senior PGA Championship


Q. Can you just talk about the day.

KENNY PERRY: Well, it was going good for the first 13 holes or whatever. And I had 190 yards on that par 3, 14, and I hit a 6 iron that flew ... the pin was 190, we had 10 more, I had 200 to the back. And I hit a 6 iron and flew the entire green. Ended up making double bogey.

And that kind of shell shocked me a little bit. I couldn't believe it went that far, for one thing. And then I was in jail the whole time.

So to make double on a hole that you think you can make birdie on or at least par, that hurt.

Then I hit a beautiful 7 iron on the next hole or two holes later, and it carried the green and went ... I guess, maybe I had a little adrenaline, a little juiced up a little bit ... I had 167 yards and I flew it over the pin and into the back bunker with a 7 iron. Which is stuff I don't normally do.

So then when I looked up and I saw I was two behind, that kind of, I was like, you know, I got to figure out a way ... and then I hit it in the junk on 17, which pretty much ended my day.

Q. Talk about the putt on 18. I know at that point you're probably

KENNY PERRY: It didn't mean anything. No, it was just, I was just trying to get out of the way and get done and move on.

Q. It looked like you were pretty much in control of your game until maybe the shot you hit at the par 3, you felt in control there?

KENNY PERRY: I hit a good shot. I could have stood there and told you, when that ball was in the air, I was thinking that thing is in the middle of the green. I couldn't believe it flew the green. So either I got a bad yardage or something ... I don't know. It's one of those deals. I can't explain it.

Q. The putt you had, it looked like it was up against

KENNY PERRY: It was up against the collar and I got a big mallet and I hung it in the collar coming through and it killed it. And I only hit it halfway to the hole. And then I missed the next one.

Q. Obviously you knew what Jay was doing, were you aware of what Idoki was doing?

KENNY PERRY: No, not until I got to, where was I? 16 or something I looked over and saw that he was at 11 ... or was it 17? I was like, where did he come from? You know. I was ... I knew, I saw him around 9 and wasn't paying a lot of attention to the board. And then when I saw him at 11, I was like, good grief, I went from 2 up to 2 down in a hurry.

Q. How are you feeling coming off of 5 there? You make a nice three there, obviously that 6th hole was a tough hole for most players here who play right to left. You come off of 5 having made birdie there, what's your frame of mind?

KENNY PERRY: I birdied three of the first four again. I was 3 under again, like yesterday, off to a great start. And then that 6th hole kills me. I can't play that hole to save my neck. That little par 3 just, I bail out left every time. And I bogey it every time.

But then after that 7 and 8 are birdie holes and I didn't get them. I had a little 5 wood into 8 and I hit a rope hook second shot, which is uncharacteristic of that golf club.

So, you know, I don't know what to say. I didn't expect those shots and they come at a bad time.

Q. What's the emotions after another chance to win a Major, possible, obviously things didn't go your way.

KENNY PERRY: Well that's ... we just move on. I'm just thankful I can play, to tell you the truth. I've got a bad knee, I struggled with my knee all week, had surgery in February, I'm in a lot of pain out there walking. And this one don't hurt nearly as bad as the Masters or the PGA did on the PGA tour.

So it was a good fight. I hung in there, I didn't have my good stuff this weekend, but we just move on, keep going.

Q. Did you and Jay converse much during the round.

KENNY PERRY: Yeah, we talked about his son, Bill, just had a baby. And I play with Bill a lot and so, yeah, we talked about stuff. They love Indy 500. We talked about the Indy 500 and we were talking about the NASCAR race tonight. So a lot of racing.

Q. I asked you yesterday about the pairing and how comfortable it was, I just didn't know, as the round progresses, do you feel more weight on you or is it just a matter of a shot here and there getting away?

KENNY PERRY: I don't think the pressure is nearly as great on the Champions tour as it is on the Regular tour. We're just out here enjoying it. It's all a blessing that we can even continue to have a tournament catered to us, to begin with. So it's all a bonus. It's all good stuff.

Q. What are your thoughts on this on being here in this tournament?

KENNY PERRY: Great tournament. PGA of America is the one I covet the most, because I'm a golf course owner, I love the men and women who really make golf what it is today. They do all the ground work, they promote the game of golf.

Of all the ones I could have won, the PGA Senior, regular tour, this tour, that would be the one I would covet the most.

Q. And what is it you think you're going to take with you, your best memory from playing out here on the course?

KENNY PERRY: A lot of good memories. I holed out an eagle from an impossible lie yesterday. I was dead to the world and made it. A lot of good stuff. Finish second, you can't complain too much.

Q. Is your knee healed normally or is there complications?

KENNY PERRY: I don't know. I'm going to go get another MRI. I had surgery and he repaired it and when I get ... I'm going to play the Memorial next week and then the tournament in Birmingham, and then I'm going to go see if I can get in for another MRI on both knees.

I think I hurt my right knee now protecting my left knee. It's feeling bad too. I had surgery on it in 2007. So it's tough to get old. That's all I got to say.

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