2013 senior pga



Q. Talk about your round.  I know you came in with two birdies on 11 and 17. 

KIRK TRIPLETT:  Yeah, I ended up at 3 under.  It was a little different after the rain delay, maybe.  But the breeze, a little breezier.

Probably not quite good enough to get in the hunt, depending what the leaders do, but happy to get around under par.  So kind of played a little bit scruffy, made some 10 foot putts that were key to keeping my round going.  So happy with that part of it.

Q.  Did you have any mud balls or anything like that?

KIRK TRIPLETT:  Not    I didn't have anything that I could blame it on.  I just hit bad shots. 

Q.  What about tomorrow?  What do you think you're going to have to do maybe put some pressure on the leaders?

KIRK TRIPLETT:  Well, it will take a low round for sure.  That's one thing about this Champions Tour, these guys have all been in had this situation before and maybe the odd guy goes backwards, but not a whole bunch of guys so it will take a real low round for me, 6 , 7 under. 


Q. Talk a little about your round today. 

BRUCE VAUGHAN:  I started off good.  I hit a good shot on the first hole and made birdie.  And then just kind of kept it going and I made another birdie someplace. 

Q.  On No. 1 and number 7. 

BRUCE VAUGHAN:  Yeah.  I hit it left on 7, and, off the tee there, but it was in the rough, but it was sitting good and I just had a wedge in there and made birdie there. 

Then we got to 9 and coming up the fairway and the siren blew.  And I had it on the green, went back out and 2 putted that. 

10, I had a really good drive on 10.  Good shot down there.  And had a big clump of mud on my ball.  And if it had been a few hours earlier, because the fairways were starting to firm up and it was running, and a clump of mud on it and it went straight left off of there and I was just dead there.  Didn't have much of a shot.  Made bogey there. 

And then birdied 12.  Made the long putt on 12. 

Hit short of the green on 13 and didn't get that up and down. 

But just kind of parred in from there. 

Q.  Did the rain change the course at all?

BRUCE VAUGHAN:  Softened the fairways up a little bit.  I started getting a little bit of mud on my ball and there wasn't mud starting the day.  It was, actually, the fairways were starting to firm up a little bit. 

There on 10, it was kind of an unfortunate break, because I actually hit a good drive and just had a 6 iron to the green.  And where that pin was, it was accessible. 

But it just come out and mud was on the right and normally that's what it does, mud on the right, ball goes left.  And vice versa.  And I wasn't smart enough to say, well, okay, let's aim it over there at the flag.  The wind was downwind and out of the left and I just thought just aim it at the flag because I was hitting it pretty decent.  And I made bogey there. 

Then when I made bogey on that 13th hole, that kind of took the momentum out and    but I hit a good shot on 16.  I had a legitimate chance for birdie there. 

And then I haven't played 17 worth a darn the last three days anyway. 

And then I had a good chance on 18.  So overall it is okay. 

Q.  How do you feel going into tomorrow?

BRUCE VAUGHAN:  Okay.  I talked to you yesterday and my knee was bad and I got it wrapped up today and stuff and it wasn't hurting as bad today.  So, I don't know, I've had six knee surgeries, but it hasn't    here lately it's actually been fairly tolerable.  And I don't know whether it's that zoysia grass walking on that spongy stuff that's caused it or what.  But the knee was okay today.  It wasn't hurting like it was yesterday.


Q. Could you talk a little bit about your round today. 

DON BERRY:  Started pretty good and then I got a little rain delay and didn't play very good coming out of that. 

So kind of held in there for a little while and then made a pretty bad bogey on 18. 

But it was fun.  Played with Steve Pate.  And he played great.  I got to watch that.  So that was worth it. 

Q.  What effect did the rain have on the golf course?

DON BERRY:  I think the greens were a little slower after the    certainly a little softer    but nothing serious, it was pretty much the same.

Q.  And how are you feeling heading into the final round tomorrow?

DON BERRY:  I got to hit it better than I did today.  So I'm looking forward to one more day of that and hopefully I play a little better.


Q. Tell me about your round today. 

STEVE PATE:  I putted well today.  It's the most putts I made in a round all year.  I made four 20 footers and a bomb on the last hole. 

I hit a lot of greens, I didn't hit it close, and I made some putts.  So all in all worked out pretty well. 

Q.  I know you made a big birdie on 18.  Could you tell me specifically about that hole?

STEVE PATE:  I hit a really good drive, hit what I thought was a pretty good 7 iron, landed up about 10 feet from the hole and ended up about 45 feet away, almost in the grand stands.  And I made it. 

Q.  How did the rain delay affect you and how did the course kind of hold up after it?

STEVE PATE:  The course held up fine.  The fairways have been soft, we don't need the rain.  They held up fine. 

I was on a pretty good roll when we went in and then I came out and bogeyed two of my first three holes.  So I wasn't real pleased about that, but I made two birdies late, so it was, all in all, it was a good day. 

Q.  How do you feel heading into the final round after moving into the top 10 today?

STEVE PATE:  Pretty well.  I feel pretty good.  I've played decent all week.  I've driven it well, I hit a lot of fairways, which you have to do out here.  If I can keep doing that, slop in a few putts, things are good.

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