2013 Senior PGA Championship


Q. Can you take us through ... you were in the lead when you walked off of 5 and then you got backed up on 6 and put it in the water. Can you take us through your round from there?

KIYOSHI MUROTA: On No. 6 I didn't want to make the same mistake, but I did.

Q. There was a back up, you had to wait awhile, did that cause, was that something that caused you to chunk the ball?



Q. And on number 8, can you take us through the tee shot that went left there. What were you trying ... were you trying to go over a tree?

KIYOSHI MUROTA: Yeah. I tried to go by the tree, but it was the same thing, a mishit.

Q. After you hit the tree, what are you thinking at that point?

KIYOSHI MUROTA: Well, golf is like that.

Q. So overall three birdies, one bogey, a pretty consistent round today?

KIYOSHI MUROTA: Yeah, I would like to make an under par round, so I like it.

Q. How do you feel heading into this weekend?

KIYOSHI MUROTA: Like yesterday I told you guys, I feel like the shot is not that good, but I'm changing my swing now, so the shot is going better.

But I need to just keep playing safe and making a game.

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