2013 senior pga

Quick Quotes from ROCCO MEDIATE and TOM BYRUM


Q. Talk a little bit about your round today. 

ROCCO MEDIATE:  It was solid tee to green, crap on the greens. 

Q.  What effect did the kind of rain delay and weather have on the course?

ROCCO MEDIATE:  It takes a little bit out of everybody's momentum, if you have momentum.  If you're playing, like not good, it's good.  If you're playing good, it's like, oh, heck, I want to keep going. 

I played okay coming in, but not great and I would have rather, obviously    but that's how it works.  It's no big deal.  You just got to deal with it and it's no big deal.  At least we got back out in a couple hours and the third round will be finished today and we're back on schedule.

Q.  How are you feeling heading into the final round?

ROCCO MEDIATE:  Well, I'm way back.  I'm playing good this week, but I haven't made my putts.  It's that simple.  And next week, hopefully, I'll make more.


Q. Can you just tell me about your round today?

TOM BYRUM:  I played well.  I got off to a nice start, made a couple birdies early and then made a couple bogeys there on I believe 6 and 7 or 5 and 6. 

But rallied back and ended up 3 under for the round. 

Q.  Did the weather delay affect you at all?

TOM BYRUM:  No, actually I played pretty well right after coming right out of the weather delay.  I felt really good. 

I was hitting it well and the greens were nice after the rain delay and just picked up right where we left off.  I was stroking it well all day and it just, I hung in there after the delay even.

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