2013 Senior PGA Championship



Q. Talk about your round. I know you had that eagle on 17?

ROD SPITTLE: I did. Again, really, I played pretty steady all day again. Other than the two holes on the front nine, I birdied 5 and made a great par on 6. And I just kind of hung around. Made a couple bogeys on the back nine, but that's going to happen.

And then I knocked it on the green, 17 is a little more downwind today this morning or whatever, and I knocked it in from 35 feet or something like that. So all of a sudden I got back to even par in a hurry. So very pleased.

Q. What were the big differences between yesterday and today?

ROD SPITTLE: Again, as I said late last night in the dark, just to be warm and dry today. That's what's so nice. The course is drying out a little bit, obviously, the greens are a little bit smoother. So I think these are just kind of the conditions that everybody hopes that we get to play in for a couple more days, I'm sure.

Q. Your general thoughts after two days now?

ROD SPITTLE: Oh, well, again, hopefully you're hearing the same thing from everybody else, the course is outstanding. It's just a terrific test. It's just darn hard. And you get it in the wrong spot, you're going to pay for it.

And fortunately I've been able to tip toe around and keep it out of the bad spots. So I hope to do that for a couple more days.


Q. Can you just talk a little bit about your round today?

BRUCE VAUGHAN: It was a struggle. I got a bad left knee and it was hurting last night and it just was hurting all day today. I just limped all day and it was just a struggle. I couldn't really hit it very good. I missed a lot of shots left and stuff. And it was just survival today. That's all it was.

I kept myself in pretty good shape. I hit some decent shots, but I just hit a lot of iron shots towards the safe side, just 2 putt and get out of there and stuff. But it was a survival, really, most of the day.

Q. How was the course playing today in comparison to yesterday?

BRUCE VAUGHAN: It was a hundred percent better than yesterday. We teed off yesterday and it was raining and wind right into our fairways and stuff. I hit driver, 4 iron yesterday to No. 1. Today we come around there and I hit driver and a little 8 iron. So it was a little bit different. It was a little nicer today with that sun shining than yesterday. We played, we must have played seven or eight holes yesterday in the rain. Catch it  and then it would go off and then come back and stuff like that.

So, yeah the course is playing, it's starting to dry out a little bit, wasn't any mud on the balls and stuff. So it's playing a lot better. I just it's bad that I couldn't take advantage of it today, because of the way I was hurting and stuff, because I had about a birdie, I had a lot of birdie opportunities today.


Q. Well, 2 under entering the weekend. How are you feeling?

JEFF COSTON: I feel with my fingers. No, I'm just kidding. No, I'm excited and happy. And I played in this tournament regularly, and it's really nice of the PGA of America that they give us a chance, for club pros to play in this golf tournament. I played the TOUR and I had my golf academy up at Semiahmoo up in Blaine, Washington for 19 years now, so I haven't played full time in 19 years, but it's fun to get the opportunity to test yourself.

Q. How does it feel to be in contention heading into the weekend?

JEFF COSTON: I like that. I like that a lot. I'm not really worried about that. I'm just trying to play some golf. Just trying to play Jeff Coston golf.

What was fun for me too is the uniqueness of this is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week was the Washington Open, right? So I played in that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I flew out here on the 12th, played practice rounds on the 14th, 15th. Flew home. Taught for the week. Played in the Washington Open, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Flew in, got here Thursday morning, teed it up yesterday morning and, boom, here I am.

Q. How are you feeling?

JEFF COSTON: I'm 30 from the neck down, man, I just look like my grandpa from the neck up.

Q. Talk about your game and how it's coming together going into the weekend.

JEFF COSTON: Well, I have friend caddying for me, he's been my friend since about 1980, he's caddied for me at TOUR school start engine 1987, we kind of hang out here, so it's been fun to have him on the bag. And I was low club pro in 2007 at Kiawah, so I just want to keep doing my thing.

Q. Ocean Course round? You were the low professional?


Q. Is it similar?

JEFF COSTON: No, it's different. Totally different. I'm in better shape. No, I'm just kidding. Nothing is of the same. Golf is not the same, you know what I mean, so I just am enjoying the experience and playing golf. That's basically it. Nothing bigger than that.

Q. I was out there watching you on the final hole. You look like you're just having a good time out there, enjoying yourself.

JEFF COSTON: That would be a goal. That would be a goal. That would be a goal.

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